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Immune Support

immune support

This special series of exercises were recommended by Rudolf Steiner to support the entire immune system.



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All nature and humankind rejoices in the abundance of spring. Enjoy discounted rates on the Halleluiah exercise this season.


Eurythmy Online

Every lesson includes a video recording with an inspirational narration, and a comprehensive downloadable pdf file which will help you to deepen your understanding.

  • The free Basic Guidelines video tells you everything you need to know to start your practice.
  • You may sample my practices with any of my free Gift Classes.
  • You may go deeper by purchasing a Full Eurythmy Curriculum, a series of over 50 lessons that teach you all the components of a eurythmy practice.
  • You may instead purchase any of the individual Modules, a series of lessons that form the building blocks of the full curriculum.
  • You may purchase any of several specialized Sequences, that combine different lessons from the modules for special harmonizing and health-bringing effects.
  • Or you may purchase some of our most inspirational Single Lessons available for purchase.
  • We also have other essays and video content available to teach you about the spiritual basis of Eurythmy and Anthroposophy.

The Eurythmyonline lessons teach you to learn your exercises by watching the video, internalizing the instructions, and then turning off the video to activate your own consciousness by practicing in silence. Get started here.


Our new webpage Eurythmy for Homeschoolers will be available for launch this fall! This will enable homeschooling parents to learn 5-15 minutes sequences to work on with their children through the school year. Watch for it!


Eurythmy Book

Eurythmy Movements and Meditations: A Journey to the Heart of Language

Authored by Cynthia Hoven
Illustrated by Renée Parks

This book can be purchased through Amazon, click here


“Every idea which does not become your ideal slays a force in your soul; every idea which becomes your ideal creates within you life-forces.” R. Steiner