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Cynthia Hoven combines inspired depths of spiritual insight with a spirit of joy and magic in all she does.

Cynthia’s home base is in Sacramento, CA, where she specializes in teaching eurythmy and spiritual studies at Rudolf Steiner College. She also travels around the world offering workshops and mentoring. (In the past two years alone, she has offered workshops trips in China, Brazil, Alaska, North Carolina, and Utah as well as throughout California.)

In addition to teaching adults, Cynthia works in schools give eurythmy classes to children, and has an ongoing private practice offering therapeutic eurythmy to people of all ages. Cynthia’s decision to create this project to teach Eurythmy as a Personal Practice grows out of decades of in-depth experience working with eurythmy and spirituality on all levels.

She founded the four-year, full-time Eurythmy training at Rudolf Steiner College and directed it for eight years. She has decades of experience as a performing eurythmists, including her work founding the  Sacramento Eurythmy Performing Group and carrying it for many years. She was a performing artist with the Goetheanum Stage Group in Switzerland. She earned her advanced degree as a Therapeutic Eurythmist and has worked in hospitals, schools, and as a private practice for over 30 years. Cynthia was born in America’s heartland, in Chicago, and earned 2 Science degrees from Purdue University. She then spent two years on the road, traveling around the world with all her possessions in a backpack on her back. Of that time, she says “I learned that there are so many ways to be a human being. This has helped me to become a truly global citizen.”

Cynthia Hoven
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She discovered eurythmy in 1973 and has focused her life work on it since then. Never content to rest, however, she earned her Master’s Degree in Human Development in 2000. She is currently also engaged with the design team of PlaytheCall, a global initiative to support youth activists. Even as her field of connections and network continue to expand around the world, Cynthia continues to focus her own personal work on the power of eurythmy for transformation and spiritual growth. Her decades of experience with eurythmy lead her to see it as a beautiful and powerful gift to serve the evolution of human beings and the world. In teaching eurythmy, she has guided many thousands of people to awaken to profound experiences of their own authentic selves, as they learn to feel, access and activate the spirit of the universe in their own core, in body, soul and spirit.



Cynthia Hoven, M.A.

Objective: To work as a teacher of eurythmy in adult education. To teach the basic foundation work of Anthroposophy to adults in a wide variety of settings. To create networks for intergenerational collaborative work and platforms for conversations. To create similar  and interfacing networks for collaborative work between anthroposophical endeavors and other endeavors with complementary aspirations in the public and civic sphere.

Education: Master of Arts in Human Development, St. Mary’s University, 2000
    THESIS: Eurythmy as Visible Speech: A somatic approach to language
    FOCUS AREA: Human Behavior
            Bachelor of Science in General Sciences, cum laude, Purdue University, 1972
            Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, cum laude, Purdue, University, 1972

Professional Certificates:           
     Diploma in Eurythmy, Goldridge Eurythmy School, Auburn California, 1979
     Diploma in Therapeutic Eurythmy, Stuttgart, Germany, 1982
Eurythmy instructor with over 25 years teaching experience
Certified Therapeutic Eurythmist with over 25 years experience
Performing eurythmist with experience in both national and international eurythmy performing groups since 1979
Member, Eurythmy Association of North America board of directors
Lecturer with over 15 years experience in college level courses
National and international keynote speaker at Waldorf and other educational venues
Member, Directive Council
Member, Oasis Games North America founding group
Member, Oasis Games 2012 organizing and strategy team
Founding co-member, the Intergenerational Inquiry and Collaboration Team

Job Experience:    
1979-1980    Member of the Goetheanum Eurythmy Stage Ensemble, Dornach, Switzerland
    Therapeutic Eurythmist, Friedrich Husemann Klinik, Buchenbach/Freiburg,     Germany
    Therapeutic Eurythmist, Camphill Community for Children with Special     Needs,Überlingen, Germany
    Performed and toured with the Botton Village Eurythmy Ensemble, Scotland
    Therapeutic Eurythmist, Ita Wegman Klinik, Arlesheim, Switzerland
    Performed with Camphill Eurythmy Training performing ensemble, Botton     Village, England
    Co-founder of the Raphael Therapy Center, Fair Oaks, California
    Therapeutic Eurythmist in private practice, working in conjunction with the     Raphael Therapy Center and the Sacramento Waldorf School
    Public eurythmy classes offered in eurythmy
    Board member and treasurer, Physicians’ Association for Anthroposophical     Medicine (PAAM)
    Taught courses in Therapeutic Eurythmy to physician and therapists for the     annual PAAM conferences
    Co-founder of the Sacramento Eurythmy Performing Group: organized and     participated in three west coast performing tours
    Co-founded ATHENA, the professional organization for Therapeutic     Eurythmists
    Northern California delegate to the Eurythmy Association of North America     since 2004
    Member of the Board of Trustees of Rudolf Steiner College since 2006
    Member of the Directive Council of Rudolf Steiner College since 1998
    Member of the Executive Committee of Rudolf Steiner College since 2005
    Taught eurythmy at Sophia Conference, Dec. 2006
    Taught eurythmy at the YIP conference, June 2010, Jarna, Sweden
    Taught ongoing public eurythmy classes at Rudolf Steiner College, Fair Oaks
    Taught public outreach eurythmy classes at Sol Collective, Sacramento, spring 2011
    Taught public eurythmy classes at the Sacramento Food Coop, Sacramento, May 2011
    Taught multiple public eurythmy classes in Davis, CA, spring 2011
    Lectured on anthroposophy and taught eurythmy at multiple Rudolf Steiner College outreach CLC events, in Anchorage, Alaska; Phoenix, Arizona; Tuscon, Arizona; Fair Oaks, CA
    Offered eurythmy classes and lectures in Reno, CA
    Taught multiple classes on eurythmy at the annual Rudolf Steiner College February Teachers’ conference, Fair Oaks, CA
    Keynote presenter at the Rosen practitioners’ retreat and conference, Ukiah, CA May 2011
    Lectures on Anthroposophy, Napa Valley Charter Waldorf School, May 2011
Youth work and outreach
    Member of the core organizing team of the Impulse Festival, held at RSC April-May, 2011
    Core member of the organizing team of Oasis Games North America since Dec. 2010
    Core member of the organizing team of Oasis Game 2012 since Dec. 2010
    Member of the team of Intergenerational Inquiry for anthroposophical youth
    Member of the team of Intergenerational Inquiry for cross- collaborative purposes
    Personal Assistant to Edgard Gouveia Junior, 2012, mapping, coordinating and networking for Oasis Games North America and PlayTheCall, the new global game to change the world through play.
Euryhmy Movments and Meditations: A Journey to the Heart of Language. Heartsong Press, 2012
    Ever Expanding with Eurythmy, Conscious Dancer Magazine, Spring 2009
    CD publication: Anthrosoposophy 101 for Parents, Nov. 2005
    CD publication: The Human Soul and the Seasons, Nov. 2006

Biographical Highlights:  Cynthia Hoven pursued her university degrees in Science and Psychology with the intent of doing postgraduate work in Parapsychology. She interrupted her studies to seek the ancient sources of spirituality in the Far East, spending two years traveling through Europe, the Middle East, India and Nepal, Indochina and Japan. Upon returning to the United States, she chose to shift her focus to work with the healing arts, and began her studies in Eurythmy, with the intention of doing postgraduate work in Therapeutic University. She completed these trainings in 1982, and sought work opportunities in as many and diverse professional settings in Europe as possible, in preparation for future work in America. She thus gained experience not only in performing eurythmy, but also in working as a therapeutic eurythmist with psychiatric patients (Friedrich Husemann Klinik), children with special needs (Camphill Community), and general medicine (Ita Wegman Klinik). Upon returning to the United States, she relocated in the Sacramento area, and joined with a medical doctor and others to co-found the Raphael Therapy Center, a collaborative work of professional trained in anthroposophical medical modalities. She simultaneously sought collaborative opportunities for working with Rudolf Steiner College and with the Sacramento Waldorf School. To continue her deep commitment to eurythmy as a performing art, she co-founded the Sacramento Eurythmy Performing Group, and helped direct, organize and perform in tours throughout the west coast during the 1980’s.

In 1992 the focus of her work shifted towards adult education, as she became a faculty member of Rudolf Steiner College, lecturing on anthroposophical topics and teaching eurythmy in all programs. In the 1990’s she gained her Master’s Degree, based on the thesis “Eurythmy: Making Speech Visible.” She also worked as principle colleague in a small eurythmy training in northern California which closed in 2000.

By 2002, in response to a perceived need for a professional eurythmy training at Rudolf Steiner College, she sought and gained support to inaugurate such a program, in collaboration with the Section for Performing Arts in Dornach, Switzerland, and under the sponsorship of the Eurythmeum Stuttgart in Germany, through mentor Michael Leber. The four year training graduated its first course in 2006, and continued to grow through Dec. 2010.

Cynthia Hoven continues to focus on collaborative work, serving on the board of Rudolf Steiner College and the directive council of the Eurythmy Association of North America, and creating opportunities for eurythmists through the country to work together by organizing workshops and conferences.
    Since the folding of the eurythmy training, Cynthia continues to teach eurythmy in all courses of Rudolf Steiner College.

Interests and Assets: Cynthia is passionate about working with the art of eurythmy as an experience for the individual to perceive the creative forces in self and world, and to learn how to work with them in an aesthetic, harmonizing expressive art. Her capacity to perceive sensitively, speak warmly, and direct effectively allows her to work with a broad spectrum of students. She also enjoys teaching about spirituality from the perspective of anthroposophy to the public, striking a note that is neither dogmatic nor casual. Cynthia is deeply committed to furthering her professional and personal work through the path of spiritual science.

She has also dedicated her interests towards collaborative work on all fronts.  A powerful emerging theme is the work with youth, as she recognizes the necessity for them to find opportunities to use their insights and build the new forms of cooperative work in civic society, She recognizes that the current institutional forms will often not serve as adequate places for them to unfold their work. Her work with intergenerational networking interfaces seamlessly with her work creating conversation platforms for dialogs with anthroposophically committed and non-anthroposophical interest groups.

Letters of Recommendation are available upon request.