Spiritual Studies in Anthroposophy

with Cynthia Hoven

Nature of the Human Being:

Spirit and Soul Living in the Natural World

Oct 21 - Nov 11

Anthroposophy means “The Wisdom of the Human Being. It is a comprehensive spiritual science, born out of the word of Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925).

Cynthia offers in-depth online study groups and lecture series on various topics, such as “The Nature of the Human Being,” “Human and Cosmic Evolution”, and “Festivals and their Meaning.”


The Nature of the Human Being:

Spirit and Soul Living in the Natural World

Our physical body is built of the earth
Our etheric body is built of living water
In our astral body weaves the element of air
Our Ego-Self is a flame of spirit fire.

Lecture Series 2: Oct 21 - Nov 11, 2021
6:00 - 7:15pm

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    Through the elements and the ethers, the sacred temple of our body is connected to the natural world we live in.

     Through our spirit, we are connected to the consciousness of Divine beings. 

     Through our soul, we awaken to ourselves, living in both worlds.

     This  4-week lecture series aims to awaken in us an experience of how our spirit core has been given a body to live in during the years we are on earth, by which we can evolve in service of our Creator.

All classes are by donation only. Suggested amount: $5-$20/class. Donate through credit card or paypal.

Future Topics

  • The Sacred Journey after Death
  • The Sacred Journey into Birth

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Cynthia Hoven is a eurythmist and a teacher of anthroposophical studies, with many decades of teaching experience, both as a core faculty member of Rudolf Steiner College in Fair Oaks, California, and as a workshop leader around the world. She is well known for engaging students through her clear and heart-felt teaching style.

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