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Cancer, the Crab

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This is the Eurythmy gesture for Cancer. To watch the video follow this link: (in this video, student Karen G. is demonstrating the movements)


“Thou resting gleam of light!”

Sidereal Dates: July 17-August 16   Tropical Dates June 20-July 21

Cultural Epoch: Ancient India


The glyph used to signify Cancer in astrology is the sign of two interlocking spirals. Resembling the dynamic form of galaxies, Cancer bears the image of “in-volution and e-volution.” It shows the forces of the periphery spiraling inwards together to create a central point, and the answering movement from the center to create a new universe.

            The significant central point of the double-spiral lies between the two curling shapes, where a space of emptiness arises. The in-winding spiral speaks of the path of the soul’s incarnation into matter. There, in the free space of “emptiness,” the ego is born in, in fire and in light. It then flames forth with the second, outwinding spiral.

            Cancer speaks thus of the inmost home of the spirit.

Ancient India as a Cultural Epoch

            To understand the spiritual age that bears the sign of Cancer, we must look backwards in time, to what is known esoterically as the age of Ancient India, when the sun at the Spring Equinox (March 21) was in Cancer. This takes us back to (approximately) 7227 BCE, at the dawn of civilization.

            In the ages even before this, spiritual science teaches that humanity was not yet a rational, fully material being. Human beings, still more lightly incarnated than we are now, lived in a different relationship to the living world of the etheric. They could draw upon the living forces of nature to build a different kind of society on the earth, one which has left few traces in archeological history because it did not impact the physical world as deeply as we do now, in the age of densest materialism.

            This was the phase known by many traditions as “Atlantis.” Even such a lofty philosopher as Plato taught that the age of Atlantis ended not long before this date mentioned (7227 BCE). The passing from Atlantis to the post-Atlantean epochs is marked by the “Great Flood,” stories of which appear in the legends of many ancient civilization.

            Rudolf Steiner wrote that great migrations of people happened at the end of Atlantis, trekking eastward until somewhere around what is now China (possibly Tibet). From there, the seeds for a new thrust of human evolution appeared in a sequence of civilizations, working from east to west. The first of these was in Ancient India, which is known as the Age of Cancer. To be sure, this civilization peaked long before the current Indian culture. Indeed, this was long before the development of writing, of geometry and astronomy and philosophy. This was an age when humans were first “getting use to being people of the earth.” These were, perhaps, hunters and gatherers, who roamed upon the earth as nomads, accepting from her the gifts of food and shelter even while making little impact upon her.

            It can be imagined that people of that cultural epoch were not interested in being attached to earthly things. To them, the earth was maya, an illusion of sensory inputs that veiled the true, spiritual nature of reality. And yet, these were the people who took the first “plunge” into the world of matter, which we know live in. They began the journey that we are on now.

            In trying to picture the condition of these early people, we can imagine how much needed to be accomplished in order that we could become the upright, thinking-feeling-and willing people that we are now. Perhaps one can imagine that these people of Ancient India were like a new-born infant is today, needing to find a way to connect their spiritual selves to their life-forces and thus to their new little bodies. So did these early humans need to activate in themselves their etheric (qi) forces, so they could grow, metabolize, excrete, reproduce. Life was the experience of connecting oneself with matter, penetrating it, an then letting it fall away at the time of death. And because life was an illusion, so also was death a mere passage, through a doorway and on to another dimension.

            This is the picture symbolized in the glyph for Cancer. The free space in the middle of the two spirals signifies the descent of spirit into matter, its self-realization, and its eventual ascent into spirit.


Cancer in the Body: The Ribcage

            As we have seen in previous essays, the human body bears the imprint of the 12 signs of the zodiac in its different parts. Thus, Aries forces have shaped the head; Taurus forces have been concentrated at the neck to create the forces of speech; Gemini forces have created bilateral symmetry below the neck..

            We find Cancer forces one step lower. There, below the shoulders, is the chest. There, in the central part of the spinal column, are the twelve thoracic vertebrae, from which extend the twelve ribs that curl around to the front of the body. The upper rib-pairs converge in the center of the chest to meet in the sternum, a breastplate protecting the heart. The lower ribs do not extend as far forwards: they hold the space for the lungs, and frame the solar plexus.

            It is significant to notice that the chest is encased in a solid mass of bones: bones alternate with free spaces, creating both form and freedom of movement.

            This is the home of the rhythmic system. In anthroposophical medicine, we attribute tremendous importance to this middle realm of the human being, as it constantly mediates between fixed and freed forms. The fixed forms are exemplified in the hard shell of the skull, while limbs manifest freedom of movement so we can act and create. Head forces are centripetal: limb forces are centrifugal.

            The bones of the ribs, fixed and freed, surround the vital organs of rhythm—heart and lungs. These two organ systems, in a never-ceasing dynamic interplay, alternate between contraction and expansion.. In rhythmic interaction, these two organs pulse throughout the days and years of our lives. Here we find the domain of Cancer, where we breathe the world into ourselves, and release it back to the world.

            Inhaling, we take the world into ourselves. We warm it with our blood, and are nurtured and enlivened by it. As it streams through our body, it penetrates into our physical-etheric essence, and we imprint ourselves onto the air. Exhaling, we return our own essence to the world, where it merges with the astral essence of countless other beings. Truly, we are in most intimate contact with the world through the air we breathe, which has been breathed by billions of other people over the course of untold time. The breath has been imprinted by the presence of others, and flowed back into the world. It is taken up into the world of nature, and there healed and re-enlivened by the plant world. The air-element, bearer of world-astrality, connects us all.

            Through spiritual science, we learn that by the end of the Atlantean period, humanity was poised to take its next step of development. This would be created by strengthening the rhythmic system, where the forces of love and understanding were to be cultivated. There, in the dynamic middle between form and movement, the human can find the fulcrum point of freedom.


Cancer and Eurythmy

            The eurythmy gesture for Cancer perfectly indicates the strength of the chest, and the rhythmic organs of breath and blood.

            To begin, stand quietly and feel your breath. Imagine that in the center of your chest there shines a quiet, sacred space. Neither full, nor empty, it is the quiet at the center of the storm.

            Lift your arms to the sides, into the etheric space around your chest—not above your shoulders—and imagine a clockwise rotating spiral around you. Let your left arm curl in front of you, and rest it lightly on your chest, while you let your right arm curl behind you and rest it (palm facing out, if possible) on your back. Feel the connection between the movements of both arms the whole time.

            Becoming aware of the sacred space within you, awaken the dim consciousness of your breath in harmony with rhythms of the world.

            The sound that corresponds to Cancer is “F.”

            When we create F in eurythmy, we feel the power of fire in us, and send it out into the world on the wings of the air element. We pull our arms back, and draw power from the invisible world behind us. This can also feel as if we are pulling the string of a bow backwards, preparing to let an arrow fly. Then the tension releases, and we send a fiery arrow flying forwards. We often let the “flying arrow” pulse two or three times as it shoots forward.

            As the power of the fire flies, we feel the spirit flame in our own heart and lungs: fire and air unite.

            Rudolf Steiner presented a powerful picture for the sound F. There must have been a time in the distant past when humans first began to be conscious of their own consciousness. The initiates, great teachers of humanity, were the first to realize the power of mind, and they taught their students that they, too, needed to learn to think. Furthermore, this thinking needs to rise not only from the head, but also from the heart.

With the power of F, the teacher showed to their students: “Know, that I know.” “Become aware that the human being carried the fire of knowledge in their heart and lungs: be aware of this in all your deeds.”


Color: green

Element: water

Sound: F

Element of Sound: Fire


Gemini and the Twins: Experiencing Polarities

GeminiThis is the eurythmy gesture for Gemini.

Click on the link to see the video:

Open out, thou sun existence!

Sidereal Dates: June 15-July 16    Tropical Dates May 21-June 20
Cultural Epoch: Ancient Persia

Here in the northern hemisphere, the sun is fast approaching the highest point of its trajectory. In springtime, the chariot of Apollo rushed forth from the gates of the east, and it ascends to the heights at midsummer, cresting in front of the twin stars of Gemini, who mark the zenith point of the heavens.

                                                                                          The Sign of Polarities           
Every extreme invokes its complement, its opposite. So, too, does bright Gemini call forth the awareness not only of the heights, but also of the depths of darkness that reign at midwinter, under the rulership of Sagittarius. Castor and Pollux, the twins of Gemini, speak of the power of dualism, of a world unity ripped asunder and a cosmic schism made manifest.

                                                                                       The First Division             
The story of creation begins as the Source of All, the TAO, the Godhead (under the signature of Aries) was a unified field, self-contained yet pregnant with future. Then the Word of Creation (Taurus) is prepared, and the play begins.

            With Gemini, the fundamental cosmic dualities appear:
           — The Word creates the first dialog, even as the Speaker creates the Listener.
           — No longer singular, inner and outer are created.         
            —Light ascends and darkness descends.
            —Pure spirit hovers in the heights, even as the world of matter coagulates as a counter-pole.
            How can these dualities be reconciled? The true power of Gemini lies in being able to endure the schism, and become active in the tension between the two. This is made manifest in the eurythmy gesture for Gemini.
                                                                             The Ancient Persian Epoch
            Each of the 2160 years of a cultural epoch lies under the rulership of a different sign of the zodiac. Even as the coming age will be the “Age of Aquarius,” and the present age is (still) the “Age of Pisces,” so the “Age of Gemini” was the age when the Spring Equinox stood in Gemini (5067-2907 BCE).  
            In this age, the dominant mythology taught of the great duality between the Spirit of the Sun (Ahura Mazdao) and his great adversary, the spirit of darkness. The great spiritual teacher, Zarathustra, taught that the human soul will be the actual battleground where the battle between light and darkness will ultimately occur.
            It was also the people of ancient Persia who practiced agriculture with almost ritualistic reverence. They pierced the virgin soil of mother Earth with a sickle, allowing the forces of the sun to penetrate into the darkness below. The primal gesture of agriculture works with light and darkness. Thus the mother-forces of the soil could be coaxed to bring forth crops. This enabled culture to take a tremendous step forward.
                                                                                Gemini in the Body: Symmetry
            As we have seen in previous essays, the human body bears the imprint of the 12 signs of the zodiac in its different parts. Thus, Aries forces have shaped the head, and Taurus forces have been concentrated at the neck to create the forces of speech.
            We look for Gemini forces one step lower. There, below the throat, the two arms show us a new principle: bilateral symmetry. There, where we clearly have two limbs freed into right and left sides, we are empowered to move in the field of dualism. (Obviously, the principle of Gemini is also present in the power of two eyes, two ears, etc. but the dualism is nowhere as clear as in the image of two arms and two legs.) We are invited to explore the complementary nature of right and left, dominant and receptive, masculine and feminine, etc.
                                                                                        Gemini Personalities
            And this, of course, leads us directly into the exploration of the personality type commonly attributed to those whose Sun sign was in Gemini at birth. These are considered to be the archetypal sanguine personality types. They are light as air, mercurial, changeable. They are interested in so many things that they may appear to flutter through life as veritable butterflies, who stop at each flower only long enough to savor its juices before moving on! They seem to rejoice in polarities: they want to explore every phenomenon they can, and no one can pin them down.
                                                                                     Gemini and Eurythmy
            To create the gesture for Gemini, you must learn to embody the tension of the dualities and the power to unite them. You can imagine yourself standing on the deck of a ship in a storm-tossed sea, and place your feet apart, showing the power of Gemini, two-sides, in the wide stance of your legs. Curl your hands into fists, raise your arms to shoulder height, and bend them at the elbows, crossing your right hand over your left. With your arms you have overcome the schism by bringing right and left into balance. In this gesture, deepen yourself into the feeling of separation and unity.
            The sound of gesture is “H,” which, to anyone familiar with the gesture, seems obvious. “H” is created by simply opening the muscles at the back of the throat and exhaling a “puff” of breath. In this spirit, we can understand that in some languages, such as Sanskrit, “H” is considered the first of all sounds, the first opening, the first utterance.  The exhaled air flies forth into the lightness, there to dissolve even as cloud vapor does. Alternately, “H” can also be strengthened by pushing against the air with more force and then controlling its speed and distance: in this case, “H” can come to an abrupt stop, as if the lightness of air has collided with rock.
            The gesture for “H,” correspondingly, begins by focusing attention on the root of the arms, the shoulder blades, which are similarly the equivalent of the larynx. The shoulder blades are pulled together with a small tension, which allows the arms to be flung open, right and left, even as the exhaled air is flung out. The eurythmist allows the freeing movement to continue from the shoulders, through the arms, to the fingers and beyond. The doorways are opened: creation can begin.
            Alternately, the “H” can be done with an inward-going movement, bringing movement from the wide periphery back towards the body. This movement emphasizes the consolidating aspect of creation.
            In this spirit, the meaning of the Eurythmy gesture for Gemini and the corresponding sound that it has gifted us are clear.
            A final imagination for H, articulated by Dr. Hedwig Erasmy, is that “H” is best characterized by Hercules, the demigod who swings his mighty club upwards and downwards, freeing and consolidating forces as he strides through the heavenly circle of the zodiac.

Taurus, the Bull

Taurus, the Bull

O shining being, become brightness!

Sidereal dates: May 15-June 14          Tropical dates: April 21-May 20

Color: orange    Element: Earth    Sound: R

Taurus is an earth sign, signifying the power of cosmic forces now grounded on the earth.

            Its color is orange, a color that bears both red (Aries) and yellow (Gemini) forces. The orange of Taurus is bold and generous, expansive and active. It creates vigor, movement and vitality.

            Whereas Aries forces have created our head, Taurus forces have created the throat, and, most notably, the larynx. Aries is the cosmic word: Taurus is the word that has been entrusted to humanity, our capacity to speak about the world and to speak about our inner selves. Along with this, it represents all of the body forces below the head that are engaged in movement and activity. In short, Taurus has gifted us our human will.


This is the eurythmy gesture for Taurus. Scroll down to find the link for the video showing how to create the gesture and the sound.

Taurus as a spiritual force

In the deepest past, before time, before space, there was only the Creator, pure being.

            All beings that developed in time were included in the first Creator being. This includes seraphim and cherubim, archangels and angels, planetary beings and elemental beings, and all other beings who would develop in the course of evolution.

            The human being is still an immature being, from the cosmic perspective. For a long time, we lived in the womb of the hierarchies, as their soul. As evolution proceeded, humans began to awaken, to grow, to become spiritually independent. We are still in our infancy: we have been given the possibility of evolving to become fully aware, divine beings even here in this world of matter. The next steps are up to us.

            As humans evolved, there were four great cosmic archetypes that guided our destiny. These are represented in the zodiac by four special zodiac signs, the so-called “fixed signs” that are the center points of the spring, summer, autumn and winter constellations. These are known as the “four beasts”: Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius. These have provided the archetypes for four primary qualities of the human being.

            Taurus, the bull, is the second sign in the zodiacal circle is Taurus. Long ago, when the spring equinox stood in Taurus, the Egyptian-Chaldean culture was in its ascendency. The initiate teachers who guided humanity’s spiritual development prodded people’s development by presenting them with the image of the Sphinx. This magnificent being presented them with the question: “what is the difference between the human being and the animals?” Thus there arose the image of the Sphinx. This was the true image of the human being at the beginning of the age of Taurus: the beautiful beast with the Angel-like countenance, the wings of the eagle, the body of the lion. The Sphinx asks silently: what part of you is human? What is winged? What is beast?

            The archetypes for the human soul was imprinted in the so-called “four beasts” of the zodiac.

            Through Taurus, we receive our capacity for Willing.

            Through Leo, the capacity for Feeling.

            Through Scorpio, the capacity for Thinking.

            And through Aquarius, the harmonious interweaving of the three, which lead us to our true humanity.

            Taurus is the sign that engages us to respond to the world we meet through the senses.

            Our Taurean will manifests in our digestion, in our limb activity, and in our speech.

            This was the riddle of the Sphinx: how are we related to the animals, and how are we different?

            This was the key task of the Egyptian-Chaldean epoch: how can we develop the right relationship to the enchanting, entrancing, glittering world of appearance, the sensory world around us? Likewise, how can we move and act in this world of matter?

            The hallmark of the astral body it that it can move. In sensing, it moves towards things, into them, around them. In action, it enables us to reach into the world through our limbs and our metabolism.

            And, most importantly, it enables us to be active in our throats by producing speech.

            Even as Aries rules the human head, Taurus rules the throat, the larynx, and our capacity to speak. That which we hold quiet in the stately head as it rests on our shoulders is freed for activity from the neck downwards. There we find the organs of breathing, and the organs of digestion and movement. Great activity rules in the lower body, and we fulfill our earthly destinies through action.


Taurus as the ruler of speech

            In speaking to eurythmists, Rudolf Steiner described the larynx as the “head of the lower body.” The elaborately formed cartilage and muscles of the larynx stop the flow of air from its normal course when we speak. Instead, these muscles sculpt and shape the air into the magnificent micro-movements that create all the different sounds of language. Into these shapes, we send the warmth of our heart with our exhaled air, and the thoughts of our minds with the meaning we impress on our shapes. Truly, the act of speaking creates an entire microcosmic world of activity, a universe of action no less significant than the actions we undertake with our limbs!

            This is Taurus activity: the forces of the still head are freed, downwards, and the will is engaged. Through the element of air, movement ensues in the metabolism and in the limbs. We become earth citizens!

            Thus, Taurus is both the creator of our Will, manifesting in Deeds, and also specifically of our Speech.

            In our speaking, the forces of movement rise again from the lower body, and control the fine muscles and structure of the larynx. Onto the exhaled air, we imprint the formative forces that have made the world and made us, the inner zodiac that we carry within us.


The sound of Taurus: R

            R is the sound that is attributed to Taurus. It is the sound of air, freed into movement. With R, we experience how the breath of the Creator lives in the element of air as it permeates the world and creates dynamic and changing relationships. Its movement turns things inside out and upside down, causing reversals and inversions. Nothing can withstand its dynamic force; neither that which is fiery or fluid, nor even that which is hardened and brittle.

            R is an irresistible yellow wind that surrounds the glowing red of fire. Through R, we are released from the old of winter, and prepared for the new. R lifts us out of sedentary states and sweeps us along, as the wind tosses tumbleweed or whips through the trees. We are filled with the vibrant joy of movement.

            We create the archetypal movement of the R in eurythmy by circling our arms with free, “yellow” energy in circles, which seemingly could go on and on forever.

Click on the link to see the video: Taurus and the sound R

The deep mythology of Taurus

Dating from nearly four thousand years ago, numerous mythologies have been built around the worship of the sacred bull. This powerful beast was often seen as the embodiment of a god, as the given of life.

            In ancient Indo-Iranian mythology, Mithras was called the god of light. The first written mention of Mithras in the Sanskrit Vedas dates back to 1400B. The mythology of Mithras spread from India in the east, through Persia, to the west, and was widely popular amongst the Romans in the 3rd and 4th century A.D.

            According to myth, Mithras was born bearing a torch and armed with a knife, beside a sacred stream and under a sacred tree, a child of the earth itself. As he grew, he was able to mount the bull and ride it through the heavens, the Man who learned to perceive the entire zodiac out of which he was born. This is the image of the human being beginning to find his way upon the earth.

            Mithras then sacrificed the life-giving cosmic bull, plunging its sword into its neck, and its sacred blood fertilizes all vegetation.

            How shall we understand this image? The Man-god who rode on the bull represents the human being who rides on his own lower nature. We are to learn to know the sense world, and ennoble ourselves thereby. We are to raising our human heart to become an organ of perception, so that we can in time attain certain levels of clear consciousness.

            The sacrifice of the bull means that cosmic formative forces are now available on the earth, blessing the etheric mantle of nature and of the human being.




Aries, the Ram

Aries, the Ram

Arise, o shining light!

             Aries is a fire sign. It carries the impulse of fresh, new, fiery beginnings.

            Its color is red, a passionate, vivid color that embodies the fire-force of new beginnings. We embody Aries forces when we create out of our own center, when we speak our own Word of truth, when we create radiant thoughts through our spiritual activity.

            In the human being, Aries forces have created our head. The sounds belonging to Aries are W and V. It is deeply significant that Rudolf Steiner describes how these sounds were the last sounds that he was able to “discover” in the lexicon of Eurythmy. These are the sounds of the Beginning, and the forces of darkness veiled them from him.


This is the eurythmy gesture for the sign Aries. Scroll down to find the link to the video showing the gesture and the sound.

Aries as a Spiritual Force

            As the first sign of the zodiacal circle, Aries represents the opening of the book of creation, the first Word of the Creator. As the Word flowed forth from the mind of God, the speaking itself became a God, and through the living Word, the world began. The name of this living Word is known to esoteric Christians as Christ.

            Let’s dive deeper: imagine how, before the beginning (an impossible thought!), there was no time, no space. The ineffable Creator was a self-contained world: all was “enclosed” in a Mind, un-perceivable because un-manifest.

            Imagine: for reasons that only philosophers and poets can guess at, the Creator chose to “turn Himself inside out.” That is to say: S/He allowed what was in Mind turn into manifestation. I can imagine the still fire that lived inside of Mind, beginning to turn into visible flame: I can imagine some spiritual door “opening” and the fire beginning to pour outward. Everything that flowed was of the nature of the Creator, its pure manifestation. This was the Word itself, speaking the world into existence, and through its activity, time and space and all Being came into existence.

            And that which was created was now flowing out of the Creator. Outside and inside were created, and what was “outside” became the listener, the beholder of the world. Thus began the first conversation, the dialog between the Creator and the Created. The act of Creating weaves between the two.

            The energy of the Creating Word flows through all Creation. I can imagine it as a flood of water pouring forth abundantly, shaping the world even as it came into being, creating the outlines of things, becoming surface and sheathes, flowing above and below and around.

            Time and space were created, as this wave flowed forth from its source as Aries manifestion. The further it flowed, the more complex it became, and the more spirit potency it relinquished. As it grew and ripened, the world became solid and formed—which is the gesture of Scorpio, the sign of death and rebirth, whom we shall meet in the fall. We must call this shaped world the “frozen word.” The entire natural world is the manifestation of the Creator’s thoughts and dreams and will. It is the Creator turned “inside out.”

            We walk through the world created from Aries energy. We are born of it, we live in it, and we are learning to speak back to it.

            The symbol of Aries is the lamb with its head turned backwards, looking behind. It represents that the lamb is remembering its past, where it comes from, its Creator, even as it prances into the future


Aries and its imprint on our body  

            There are 12 signs in the zodiac as we know it, and each sign represents one chapter of the song of Creation, beginning with Aries, the Word, and ending with Pisces, the sign of the human being and all that we may become. Taken as a whole, the zodiac provides a complete picture of Creation, and yet each sign manifests one particular aspect of the 12-faceted jewel. Thus, we have twelve months of the year, twice-twelve hours in the day, twelve cranial nerves, twelve senses (counting the somatic and the spiritual senses), twelve colors (including the five subtle “spiritual colors), twelve philosophical points of view, etc. In like manner, each sign of the zodiac is “lord” over one (or two) sounds of language, and also “lord” over “one-twelfth” of the human gestalt, one part of the body.

            The forces of Aries have created the human head. The brain that is housed in the head facilitates reflected, sense-bound thinking. We stretch into the world through our sense organs, and from it received impressions. The head is nourished by the forces from the digested food that stream upwards: these are transformed into the capacity to illuminate our senses impressions and turn them into consciousness. The more refined our sense impressions, our mental images, and our memories become, the more luminous our consciousness becomes.

            Have you ever become conscious of what happens when you understand a thought? How we say in English that a “light bulb lit up” in our heads? When we truly practice becoming aware of what happens as we think, we notice that the head becomes the place where reflected thinking is resurrected into light-processes, radiant thinking. Aries, the lamb of the creating Word, is redeemed in radiant consciousness processes.


The sounds of Aries: W and V

            In Eurythmy, we can enter deeply into an experiential understanding of the different sounds of the zodiac. For each sign of the zodiac, we create a particular gesture with our bodies to allow that sign to come to expression. Out of this gesture there then unfolds the movement that expresses the sound that is born out of that sign.

            In Aries, the gesture identifies the head as the place from which the word will grow. The gesture is created thus:

            Stand quietly. Allow your thoughts to become quiet. Imagine your Mind bearing all the fullness of the world that is to become. Your head is a sphere that is quiet yet over-full with the potentiality of all that could come into being. Stretch slightly into your head, but don’t look up: feel the roundness of the back of your head. Now, lift your right hand and hold it directly in front of your sternum, with the palm facing to the left. The fingers point upwards, even as the chin sinks subtly towards them.

            The sounds for Aries are the W and the V. Curiously, Rudolf Steiner tells that these were the most difficult sounds to “discover” and teach in Eurythmy, for they were, he said, the primal sounds and therefore deeply hidden from him by the forces of darkness.

            To create the W, bend forwards at the waist, and lower your arms, holding them parallel to each other. You may imagine yourself to be underwater, and swimming upwards. Lift your arms, feeling the “resistance” of the water against them. An even loftier picture would be to imagine yourself as the Creator, standing within your sphere, as yet unmanifest. As you lift your arms, your lift a great curtain, open a door, and what you hold within you can flow forth. This is the power of W, the first creating.

            To create the V, imagine the force of the world flowing through the world, omnipresent, bathing and blessing and covering everything with its word-nature, with its wise, sculpting, molding power. Now, standing upright, hold your hands behind your head, fingers pointing upwards. As the movement of the V begins, raise them, curving them around the fullness of the back of your head, over the top of your head, then over your forehead. Now let the V continue on into the space in front of you. Imagine it flowing forth –even as Aslan’s songs did— over hills and down into valleys, up and down and up and down. Even when you can no longer extend your physical arms, your etheric arms will continue to rise and fall as long as you imagine your song, your Word speaking into the space in front of you.

            Thus we can imagine the power that was in your head, flowing into the world.

            Thus we can imagine the world that was in the Mind of the Creator, flowing forth and creating All that would become.

Click on the link to see the video clip: Aries and the sounds W and V

The Deep mythology of Aries:

            Spring time is the season of beginnings, and the day of the spring equinox is the first day of spring. In our present time, the Sun stands in the sign of Pisces on March 21. As a result of the so-called progression of the equinox, however, it has not always been in Pisces on that day. Over the course of more than 25,000, the spring equinox moves through the entire circle of the zodiac. Thus it is that one zodiacal sign rules the circle for about 2160 years, and marks what Rudolf Steiner called the sequence of cultural epochs. Researchers of mythologies and sacred traditions in cultures can often see that the zodiac sign that rules an age plays a very significant role in the stories of that age

            Aries, the sign of the Ram was the sign that ruled what is known as the Greco-Roman age, for in that age (727 BC-1413AD), the sun was in the sign of Aries on the day of the spring equinox (March 21). We can look for the dominant Aries forces in the myth of the Golden Fleece.

The “Age of Aries” (the period when the vernal equinox occurred in Aries) corresponds to the so-called Greco-Roman period. It can begin that their story begins with the tale of the Golden Fleece.

            “Phrixes and Helle were a pair of brothers who were children of a cloud goddess. They fled from their step-mother on a winged ram who carried them thorugh the air and whose coat as of pure coat. Helle fell into the sea (the sensory world) at a point between Asia and Europe, symbolically marking the bridge between two important cultural epochs. Phrixes was saved, and the ram carried him to the Colchians, by the Black Sea. There he sacrificed the golden ram, and hung his golden hide—the Golden Fleece—on an oak tree in a grove dedicated to Ares, whence it shone far and wide. This fleece==sacrificed starlight—shines in nature, guarded by a dragon representing the sunken zodiac, now coild into a serpent form. This image portrays something of endless significance: the clairvoyances of bygone ages that has been sacrificed has been processed into clear thinking provided all trials originating in zodiacal forces are successfully met, the dragon overcome, our lower nature put to sleep.” (Human and Cosmic Evolution, Erasmy page 389)

            When word of the fleece became known, heroes set forth to find it. A marvelous boat, the Argo, was built of the finest wood, and all the heroes of that age set forth in it to find the fleece: Orpheus, Hercules, Theseus , Peleus, and many others. Their journeys have become the stories of myth and adventures.

            What is the fleece? What is the Argo?

            The fleece represents the entire circle of the zodiac, the forces that the noble, radiant lamb wore as his fur as he flew across of the sky. The fact that that ram was sacrificed and his fleece was saved signifies that now the cosmic energies have are fully to be found on the earth. The fleece was hung on a tree in Asia Minor, the land of deep wisdom cultivated long ago, before the Greco-Roman age. The Argonauts were the heroes at the dawning of the new age: they sought their initiation through daring trees traveling to the ancient sources of wisdom, in the distant Orient. Returning, they could carry the fruits of the past into the west and plant the seed there for the new age that was to dawn.

Sidereal dates: April 14-May 15       Tropical dates: March 20-April 21

Color: Red    Element: Fire    Sound: W,V    Element of sound: watery

Physical body: Head

Virtue: Devotion    Spiritual Capacity: The Event

Hierarchy: The Logos      Cultural Epoch: Greco-Roman


Gods of the Word and the Zodiac: Prologue


            Eurythmy was given to humanity for our age, as an art form and a sacred movement that accesses the true archetypal forces of health and healing. It opens the door for a deeper understanding of the forces that have made the Earth and the Human Being. My purpose in creating this website was to make it possible for as many people as possible to access these forces, especially in this world when so much has turned away from true understanding of the spiritual world.

            As part of this service, I want to bring you thoughts that will help you understand the spiritual world better. In that spirit, throughout the twelve months I will bring to you essays about the human being and the stars, and specifically the 12 signs of the zodiac.

            This work has an especially deep connection to the core of Eurythmy, for in Eurythmy, we can enter deeply into an experiential understanding of the different sounds of the zodiac. For each sign of the zodiac, we create a particular gesture with our bodies to allow that sign to come to expression. Out of this gesture there then unfolds the movement that expresses the sound that is born out of that sign.     

            In the twelve essays I will write, I intend to give a picture about the spiritual beings who are the guardians of the zodiacal circle and the planets. I will write about how the world of Nature and the sacred human being were created from these beings. I will describe, month by month, the nature of the zodiacal sign ruling that month, and I will go into depth to explain the relationship of these signs to the consonants of language, for when we speak any sound we draw upon the forces of the zodiac. Eurythmy is the powerful doorway that allows us to understand these cosmic-earthly forces.

            And as I write, I will unapologetically write about the spiritual nature of the world and the human being. I will write of our etheric, astral bodies and our divine self-consciousness, for these present our direct connection to the higher worlds. Before I write my first article, however, I would like to prepare the ground.

            Allow me, then, to begin with some seed thoughts.

            In our present time, the vast majority of human beings are enchanted by the power of the sense world. Our thoughts, our plans, our desires, our work are all driven by our unconscious assumption that the world operates like a huge, super-intelligent machine. From this perspective, we are merely insignificant beings struggling to survive on a small grain of sand in the universe.

            We can, however, choose to look at things from a very different perspective. Then, our view of creation looks very different. In the process, I am by no means advocating that we deny science, but rather that we seek for understanding on multiple levels and not on the one-dimensional mechanistic level.

            Before our dimension ever existed, the universe was already unfolding itself in other realms. As humans, we were once embedded in the hearts and minds of far greater beings, analogous to the way that we now are hosts to countless other life-forms that live within us.

            Through long cycles of evolution, time and space came into being. The universe evolved from its condition of pure Being, and as Mind developed, so also did matter. It became ever cooler, ever denser, and at last solidified into a material world, operating according to mechanical laws.

            At long last, in this present earth-time, humans have been “born” out of the womb of the spirits that birthed us. We have become individual beings, each of us experiencing our separateness and isolated existence. This feeling of separation is both reality and illusion, for we are evolving through our separateness towards far greater experiences of oneness.

            In this existence, it will be our journey to resurrect the light of creation by becoming conscious. We, the youngest children of Creation, are the true stewards of this world we inhabit. And our challenge will be to do grow to our blessed future through loving this world of appearances, learning from it how it came into being, and treating it with devotion and care so that all of Creation takes a step forwards through our participation.

            Our ability to take part in this resurrection can begin with realizing that the entire world of the senses is in fact a “frozen word.” This characterization stems from ancient mythologies and philosophies that spoke of the Creator Being as one who spoke, pouring out His/Her/Its inmost thoughts and dreams and will, and thereby creating time and space and everything that has ever become, everything that will ever be.

            In this sense, we human beings could be described as being the final recipient of this Word, living in a world in which the speaking Creator is no longer experienced. It seems to the naïve modern mind that we can explain everything that we perceive through our normal senses through purely material thinking. We are dazzled, we are blinded, we are chained in this world.

            There are, however, other ways to look, to think, to understand. And when we do that, we can perceive another dimension of reality “just on the other side of the physical world”. And yes, we have the capacity to experience this other dimension through becoming more sensitive for the dynamic behind the physical sense impressions.

            It is this that has led modern science to begin talking about field theory, about systems, about interrelatedness. There we begin to perceive the realm of the etheric, the super-sensible life-body of the earth and of the human being. This is where we meet the ever-changing, sculpturally active forces of the word, even as we know them in eurythmy as the movements of the sounds of language.

            As we begin to peel back the veil of appearances, we come to even higher realms, to the astral sphere, where we perceive the origin of the cosmic-creative thoughts that hold the archetypes, the why, what and how of all the shapes that have come into being. Finally, we enter the realm of pure being, in which he archetypes are recognized as the loftiness of spiritual beings. In eurythmy we know these archetypes as the actual beings of the different sounds, and the movements we make enable us to embody their higher will.

            The number of stars appears to be infinite. The sun and the planets move, however, through a proscribed path in the starry sky. The stars that describe their circuit is known as the zodiac, and this zodiac is the external body of the archetypal forces that tell the entire story of our earth-life.

            In the months to come, I will write twelve essays, one dedicated to each of the twelve signs, beginning with Aries, the Ram, the first-born of the signs.


These ideas are drawn from a lifetime of living with the study of Anthroposophy and Eurythmy, and draw extensively from the work of Rudolf Steiner.


Easter Sunday



Eurythmy, the Dance of the Living Word

Take time to lovingly picture the living imaginations of this Easter story. 
            In the Beginning, was the Creative World-Word. The Word spoke all of existence into being, and the world was born. In speaking the Word, God turned himself “inside-out.”
            In the beginning, the Word was movement, was song, was meaning. The Word was dance.
            Or, as Rudolf Steiner says, the “God did eurythmy and the world came into being.”
            Humanity was born into the “dancing world.” In the early ages of the, when all was life and movement, we were swept up into the dance of the universe.
            Our movements were in harmony with the movements of the Word.
            The temple of our body was shaped by the Word, and revealed an etheric living picture of the universe that it lived in.   
            Our minds did not think analytically, but responded to the world around it with a consciousness of living pictures.        
            And in this mind, we were dreaming the great dream of existence.
            When the human being chose to “fall into matter,” beginning our journey towards cosmic independence and freedom, the Word “fell into matter” with us.
            Time slowed down. The matrix of space crystallized. We became able to see everything in great detail. Like children who had left their parents’ home, we set out to find ourselves. But we lost the view of the Creator.
            And so it was that the Creator chose to enter right into the heart of the matrix of time and space that we live in.
            Becoming small, Creator turned himself “outside-in.”
            The Word became Human, and dwelt among us.
            And the Word was able to keep speaking, keep creating, even in the imprisonment of the body. Even in the imprisonment of Death.
            On Easter morning, the tomb of the Word was empty.
            Those soldiers guarding the tomb asked “Why do you seek the Living among the Dead?”
            And Mary, the archetypal soul who came to the tomb in the early morning hours, “turned herself around,” shifting her awareness from the earth level to spirit perception.
            She saw the Risen Word there in the guise of a gardener, one who tends to the life forces of the earth.

“He is made one with Nature: there is heard
His voice in all her music, from the moan
Of thunder, to the song of night’s sweet bird.”

            The Risen Word is with us everywhere. Wherever we practice living thinking, we can see the etheric world around us. We can see the Word speaking through the etheric forms of all of nature. We can dis-enchant the enchanted World-Word with our gaze.
            And through eurythmy we can dance once again with the World-Word. For eurythmy gives us a direct experience of the living forms and forces that stem from the Word, the living shapes that created us in our etheric form.
            These have been re-enlivened, rescued in the etheric world by the deed of resurrection.
            Eurythmy is the dance of the risen, living World-Word. I am forever grateful for this living etheric art, which brings health and healing to so many human beings.

Saturday of Holy Week


Holy Week Contemplation Nr 8

Saturday: The Day Death Died

Read slowly and allow the pictures to come alive within your mind. Practice living thinking. 
I have heard a beautiful story from Rudolf Steiner.
Imagine, he says, that you were looking at the Earth from the far distances of space.
Imagine that you had been doing this for long long ages of time.
For, he says, there came one moment when you could see something astonishing.
Suddenly, the earth began to glow. To shine. To radiate light out into space.
The light that it sent out was no reflected light, such as the moon sends sunlight back into space.
This light came from within the earth itself.
This, he says, is what happened at Easter.

At the moment when the blood of Christ fell from his body into the earth, the earth received a substance unlike any other, the blood of spirit-man, God-human, divine-earthly. This blood was holy wine for the earth.
Legends also tell us that when the body of Christ-Jesus was laid into the grave, earthquake tremors shook the earth. The earth opened its own body to take the body deeply into itself. This body was holy bread for the earth.
Through his sacrificial death, Christ offered Holy Communion to the earth.
The soul of Christ then entered with His body and blood deep into the earth. There the seed force of His soul burst forth from the seed with spirit light, shining in the core of the earth.

We human beings were created to be citizens of both worlds: of the heaven and of the earth. Or perhaps to say it better: when we were created, both worlds were still one. But as the earth-world became more solid and as we human beings became more enmeshed in it, the spiritual world faced the very real danger of losing the human race to materialism.
When they die, human beings who have not cultivated a relationship to the spiritual world while on the earth face the very real danger of not being able to find their way in the land of spirit. They face the danger of dying not only in body, but also in consciousness.
Our consciousness has relevance not only for ourselves, but also for the spiritual world. Dead thoughts rely heavily on material processes and the brain, but living thinking can access the spiritual world. Living thinking can build the bridge to the spirit even while we are living on earth.
But the more people turn away from the spirit, the less they can access higher world, and the fewer the forces of spirit rejuvenation the earth has access to. This sets the stage for a continuing cycle of cosmic-earthly devolution.
Christ, the creating spirit of both worlds, bridges spirit and matter. With the force of a spiritual sun, his gift of light, love and life to the world returns life forces to the earth, and shines in the spiritual world for all people, whether living in body or not.

It is said that the new Sunrise of Easter already occurred deep in the center of the earth on Holy Saturday. There the new day dawned for those human souls who had previously not been able to find their way back to spirit.
The creating Spirit-Sun united itself with the earth, offering to the earth its seed forces for the future evolution.
The death of matter has been overcome. The resurrection of the human race in the realm of the etheric forces has begun.
Can we awaken in ourselves the capacity for love and living consciousness? Can we participate in the new future?

Friday of Holy Week


Holy Week Contemplation Nr 7

Friday–What is Love? (Read this with your heart!)

Seed Valentine

 Not until when we can look back
with unlimited divine consciousness
on these ant-like lives we led here
and feel the kind of kindness
and fiery love only a god can send
like a thunder-bolt into the heart
of a planet teetering on the edge
of a new life will we really sense
how exhausted all the metaphors
of spring still tumble toward
some new death nature conceives
sprouting with all we must rise to
a new magic worked on matter
this time from the inside
a light certain as a flower

            Peter Rennick

This poem was sent to me by one of my readers, inspired by the thoughts of Christ becoming as infinitely small as a seed, sacrificing His omnipotence to journey into the black hole of death, with and for humanity.
What could it take for a God to become so small? It is said that Christ is the only being in all of the spiritual hierarchies who became fully human. He is the only one who —shall we say?—–dared to enter the material world, plunge into the darkness of non-spirit. How can a God become human?
Was there actually a chance that He would not be strong enough? Not able to overcome Death? Can we dare to ask such a question?
The day Friday corresponds to Venus, the goddess of love. When we behold the violence, hate and true evil of the day of crucifixion, it is hard to reconcile that discrepancy. Where is Love in that Friday drama? And then our eye turns to the center point of the events, to Christ. His creating being is identical with love. In living on earth and becoming Human, He gave Himself away, in abundant, creating love. In self-sacrifice, He suffuses the spiritual human archetype , the I-AM, with the capacity to love. This is how we can answer the call of Good Friday. As Christ gave the gift of His own self in love, so the awakened human I-AM will experience that his own God-nature is Love.
When Christ was brought, bound and scorned, to the Roman palace in Jerusalem on the morning before His death, Pontius Pilate asked him “Are you a King?” His reply shakes me every time I read it. If He had claimed to be the Sun-Hero, Pilate would surely have released Him. But instead He answered, “You must say whether I am a King or not.”
Christ will never force anyone to believe in Him, to acknowledge Him, to follow His way, for if He did, He would be denying them their freedom. And this is the gift that He came to offer.
Each individual must find his or her way to the seed forces of the I-AM alone. The awakening must occur from within, in freedom. The I-AM is not a thing. It is a verb, a deed, an activity of consciousness: it is a resurrection out of the state of death that we live in even when alive. The I-Am is a living seed, planted in the human heart. It will sprout, grow and flower in the soil of love.
Through this, we may hope to build a future earth worthy of being given back to the Creator who made us.

Thursday of Holy Week


Holy Week Contemplation Nr 6

Thursday–The Abundance of the Spirit-Sun

The Creating Sun is preparing Himself to be laid in the soil of the earth. In death, Christ will carry into the earth all the seed-forces that it will ever need.
The renowned scientist of the spirit, Rudolf Steiner, tells us that between one life on earth and the next, we leave the immediate proximity of the earth and expand into the far distant spaces of the universe. We forget our earthly concerns, and we are rejuvenated by being immersed in the source of all life, in the community of cosmic beings. Then, he says, we are “told to turn around” and behold the earth from that distant perspective. The earth reveals itself to be the most perfect creation in the cosmos. God has “turned himself inside out,” and poured all of His thoughts and dreams into form and substance to make an earth. He reveals himself in color and shapes and texture and sounds. All that is, is Him.
And on this earth, the Human Body is the ultimate flower and fruit, the apex of creation. In the human body, all of the creating forces of the constellations and the planets, the handwork of the creative beings, is concentrated in microcosmic image.
We are then given an unspeakable choice. Would we choose to remain with God at the far reaches of the universe, imperfect but care-free? Or would we be willing to journey once more to the realm of earth, to clothe ourselves in flesh, in the sacred temple of the body?
Through living in the body, we leave the Creating source of the world, and live in its perfect image. Here we participate in the continuing evolution of God, by learning to become conscious of Him in his “inside-out world,” the world of matter.
We evolve through a condition of consciousness in which there is every possibility that we could lose our relationship to spirit. We have been left completely free in this world of senses to seek God or to deny Him. Only in this condition, may we can become free human beings. God does not mandate us to find him in the as we struggle towards awakening, but we may hear His hope and wish in the whispers of our heart.
What is then “death”? Is it not the stage of losing God, of turning away from Him and serving only the world of matter? And do we participate in tearing this world of the senses even further away from God by failing to dedicate ourselves to spirit in all we do?
The great mystery is that is equally true that we live in the world of death here on earth and that spirit is in fact everywhere that we look. In Christ, God Himself entered the stream of Time. As Christ, the Creator entered in the Image, living in the microsmos of the body of Jesus. Esoteric Christianity teaches that Christ himself is the Creating Spirit Sun, who lived as a human being on earth and experienced everything that we do. He saw the world through his senses, tasting and touching it, and working with matter. He experienced human relationships, and engaged with them in their joy and sorrows. And in everything that He did, Spirit touched matter.
On Thursday of Holy Week, Christ Jesus celebrated the Passover Meal with His disciples.
We can find this described in beautiful language in the Gospel of St. John, in which He speaks with great love of His connection with humanity. Then, we read, He knelt at the feet of His disciples and washed their feet. When I consider this image, I am moved at the image of the Lord kneeling in service of those whom he came to serve. Spirit bows to the world in love.
Other gospels tell us then of how Jesus picked up the bread and the wine at the table of the supper, and blessed it before sharing it with his discplies. Christ said to those sitting with them “Eat this, drink this, and do it in remembrance of me.” In this, He poured all of the life forces, then, now and into the future, into the world of matter. Christ promises that He will be in matter, working as a seed force, forever. We will walk on him with our feet, touch Him with our hands, see Him through our senses. We need only choose to perceive Him, and we awaken in our selves.
This is the human journey, through death to resurrection. We must pass through the separation from God to become self-aware, but in doing so we fall into the world of death. Christ, however, is with us in all things, in the material world as living seed force, and in our souls and living Mind. We die in Forgetting: we are resurrected in Remembering.

Thursday is the day of Jupiter. We perceive its signature in the gesture of wisdom, life and abundance. In the body it rules the liver, source of good health and vitality. In language, Jupiter speaks the sound “Oh.”
To move the sound “Oh” in eurythmy, we round our arms in a great, symmetrical circle. This roundness is buoyant and light-filled, overcoming the heaviness of gravity. But most importantly, in making the Oh, our soul needs to step outside of itself. In rounding the arms we aspire to embrace the entire world, and experience that we ourselves are but one point on the circle of community. What is important is not ourselves creating the world, but rather the center of the circle that is outside of us.
So Christ, in entering the earth, created a circle of abundance. At the Last Supper, His radiant love embraced the disciples in the archetypal “Oh.” And the circle of His never-ending love continues to expand throughout the entire earth.

Wednesday of Holy Week


Holy Week Contemplation Nr 5

Standing in the Balance with Mercury

(Slow down and read slowly. These essays are intended to be read with the heart, not merely with the head)

Holy Week marks the journey of Christ’s last week of his life on earth in the body and soul of Jesus. We could also say it marks the journey of the human being Jesus as he walked through the last week of his life on earth bearing the stupendous power of the Christ in every aspect of his being.

How could this Creating Spirit and this earth-man merge into one? How could God become so small, and the human being become so pure a vessel that they could become one perfect union?
How can I work on my own self so that I, too, can become a vessel for creation, for God?

Wednesday stands at the midpoint of Holy Week, the fulcrum in the unfolding drama. Midpoints always imply a crisis, a point of balance and a turning point. Here we move from what has been towards what will become.

In the story of Holy Week in the Bible, Wednesday presents us with two powerful archetypal figures in Jesus’ circles. One is Mary Magdalene, who kneels at his feet with a bottle of precious ointment and anoints him with the devotional power of her overwhelming love. The other is Judas Iscariot, the disciple who betrayed Jesus. It is said that he had been hoping that Christ would reveal himself to the world as a fully public savior and bring political and social peace to the world. He grew impatient with Mary’s deed, and fled to Jesus’ enemies. For the price of 30 pieces of silver, he revealed to them where Jesus could be found, and led them to him the following night.

In the crisis of Wednesday, these archetypes can speak deeply to our souls. Don’t we all bear within ourselves two souls: the idealist and the pragmatist, the generous and the greedy, the pure and the impure? How can we balance the polarities in our being? How can we create the active center point in ourselves that can endure the tension between extremes?

The planet Mercury rules Wednesday, and speaks through the vowel sound I (ee). In the eurythmy gesture for I (ee), we can experience the archetype of the Divine Ego, of the I-Am, as it strives towards self- actualization. I invite you to consider the drawing above (from my book Eurythmy Meditations and Movements), and then actively move this with your own body.

This I (ee) is spirit self is the Ego, the I-Am, and its invisible fuel is the essence of spirit-being. So, too, in the course of each human life, we can evolve past the immature experience of defining ourselves by what we are not, and begin to define ourselves from within. The Ego, the I-Am of the human being is the eternal flame that burns in the inner core of our being. It is never in a stagnant condition. In constant self-creating, it lives in the dynamic relationship between being and non-being, interior and exterior, right and left, up and down, heaven and earth. As if on a tightrope, the I-Am seeks and creates balance between polarities. It creates itself anew whenever it awakens into self-consciousness. The sound I (ee) rings forth from the soul when it manifests its own light-being in spirit filled self-manifestation.

Begin by imagining yourself clothed in radiant yellow-orange. Feel your heart, the center of your being. A stream of light radiates outward from this center with energetic red brilliance, expanding outwards through the upper arm into the space above you. Balance this outgoing energy with a blue counterweight in your other arm. The lower arm grounds you, helps you feel the earnest necessities of life. Feel the dynamic tension of the forces of the two. The awakened human begin can balance heaven and earth, spirit and matter,

light and dark. As you practice this gesture in eurythmy, learn about your own soul. Do you tend more towards the light or towards the darkness? Can you be both practical and enlightened.? Can you bear responsibility and align yourself with high spiritual striving?
Who are you? Who are you becoming?

This is the gesture of the awakened heart, a heart that allows itself to learn through constantly practicing awareness of the I-Am. This is the prototypal gesture of Christ, imprinted into human beings for the first time through one human being, and vouchsafed for all humanity as our future birthright. Walking the path through matter, we awaken through balancing heaven and earth. 

Tuesday of Holy Week


Holy Week Contemplation Nr 4

Tuesday: Speaking Truth to Power

Read slowly, and allow the words to come alive within you.
As Holy Week unfolds, we meet the power of Mars on Tuesday. Mars has long been associated with masculine, self-assertive actions, with power.
What are the true sources of Power? And what power has been vouchsafed to human beings?
We can imagine the tremendous forces of the natural world: volcanic eruptions, tectonic shifts, hurricanes, tornadoes.  Far greater are the forces of the cosmos, where stars are born and explode, or collapse into black holes.
We might well believe that these are mere mechanical process, because they can be explained through physical laws. But if we long to go deeper, then we may ask: “What being or beings are moving behind the phenomena we perceive?” Without denying the validity of scientific explanations, can we explore Consciousnesses that are active behind the phenomena of the world? Are they the source of the power that we now perceive enchanted into forms and mechanics?
The spiritual science of Rudolf Steiner urges us to consider ranks and ranks of beings, each of whom have different levels of consciousness. We human beings are but beginners on the journey of our acquisition of consciousness, and we rely on our modest physical senses to reveal to us the ways of the physical world we live in. But higher ranks of beings have more subtle and more expansive consciousness and abilities.  Their very being IS source of love, of will and intention, of wisdom and movement and form. Their deeds and thoughts are the powerful sources of all aspects of our world.
We live in a living world, yet as long as we remain passive in our knowledge, we believe our world is dead. These are the great mysteries I seek to understand at Easter. Christ the Creating Spirit was born as the Son of God, and lived as a human being on earth. His level of consciousness contains and encompasses that of all other ranks of beings. Entering into embodiment into this world of substance, He consciously sacrificed His original power. He became infinitesimally small, infinitely human. This was the greatest test of Spirit Consciousness: would the power of Love and Being be extinguished, or would it be able to overcome Death?
What then is Death? There are many layers of death. One is the death that we experience at the end of life. Another consists of the small deaths we go through every day, in our body, in our thoughts and feelings as we evolve.
And yet I believe the actual death consists of our descent into matter. We have died to the spiritual world through being born into the world of maya. We are developing our capacity to be conscious through being taught by the senses. Yet this is but an intermediary level. When we grasp the force of Seed of Spirit that has been given to us, we will be able to be alive, to think living thoughts and have living consciousnessby dint of practicing our awareness, constantly.
Power? Power surrounds us on all sides. Cosmic power created the world, and its effects are found in all things. Humanity lives in this world of power, and has seized power and is learning to wield it. Humanity’s capacity to use power has evolved over long ages, and can be seen as a motive force behind all of human history. Power can be used wisely, kindly, lovingly, or it can be horribly abused. When humans misuse power in their treatment of other people, the results include control, murder, enslavement, wars and torture.  When humans misuse power in their treatment of the natural world, the results are the fearsome destruction of forests, oceans, ecosystems, and now of food systems, seed crops, genetic integrity.
On Tuesday of the first Holy Week, Christ Jesus openly challenged the power wielders in his world. He spoke words of Truth to the false priests, the money changers, the hypocrites and the fundamentalists.  I imagine the force of His spirit-force charging the words that He spoke, as He lay clear to them how they were misusing power. In the face of the absolute moral power that Christ wielded, there is no place to hide. Human beings must judge themselves when they realize the cosmic consequences of their own misdeeds.
The power of speech:
Tuesday is the day of Mars, and every Tuesday we meet its challenge. Mars rules not only power but also Speech. It is said that the World was originally spoken into being by the Creator, and that Christ is that very Creating Word. By becoming fully human Christ gave the power of the living Word to humanity. In the fullness of time, conscious human beings will be able to unite with Christ is such a living way that our Word also will be capable of cosmic Creating.
On the journey towards such a foretold future, human beings will hopefully seek to permeate all power with love, and wisdom. The first step towards this consists in learning to perceive the Created World with living thinking that can perceive the moral laws made the world. We can internalize this morality by uniting ourselves with Christ, with Him who made Himself small so that we can be re-born in spirit.

Monday of Holy Week


The Journey through Holy Week

Monday, the Day of Reflection

Holy Week Contemplation #3
The Seven Days of Holy Week. Monday, the Day of Reflection
How did the days of the week receive their names? As manifest in the laws of musical harmonies, the laws of the chemical period table, the story of Creation as told in the Book of Genesis, time, space and evolution unfold in a seven-fold pattern. This seven-fold pattern resounds in the seven primary planets in our solar system, in the seven primary organs in the human body, and in the seven-year cycles we honor in child development. These all follow the archetype of what is known as the seven stages of Cosmic Evolution. The ancient teachers commemorated these stages by allowing our earth-time to be measured in seven-day weeks, punctuating the flow of time with rhythmical, cyclical procession.
The seven stages of Cosmic Evolution correspond to the seven major planets, and each of these is recognized in the names of the days of the week. All unknowingly, we commemorate this evolutionary cycle in a microcosmic way every week.
SATURDAY is dedicated to Saturn, the outermost of the major planet. It commemorates the beginning and the end of all things
SUNDAY is dedicated to the Sun, the radiant living source of life, love and light.
MONDAY is the day of the Moon, whose serves exists in reflecting the light of the sun.
TUESDAY is the day of the red planet Mars, which has long been associated with masculine, self-assertive and even aggressive actions.
WEDNESDAY is the day of the planet Mercury, whose short and agile orbits around the sun cause it to be seen only rarely, peeking out sometimes in the evening and sometimes in the morning, but always close to the sun.
THURSDAY is the day of Jupiter, understood of old to be the home of the great and generous god Jupiter, or Thor.
FRIDAY is dedicated to Venus, the bright morning or evening star associated with the forces of kindness, love and peace.

The story of Holy Week begins on a Sunday. On Palm Sunday we considered the Lord entering Jerusalem on the back of a donkey, praised by the people who lined the streets. The jubilant crowds saw in Christ-Jesus the hoped-for hero who would solve all their political and social problems. Yet this was not the task of the Christ. In esoteric language we can understand that the people were imagining that salvation would come to them from without. They had not yet understood that humanity was finally ready for a new step in evolution. THE OLD CREATION WOULD NOW COME TO AN END, SO THAT THE NEW CREATION COULD BEGIN.
Christ was not interested in solving the social problems as a hero or authority. Everything that He did was born directly out of the Source of all being. He bore within himself the intention to take all the power of Creation with him right through the most condensed, the most concentrated, the most tragic human experience, even through death—–so that He could wrest from it the power of life and rebirth. His intention was to give to humanity everything that we need to take our next evolutionary step. When we follow His intentions, we can begin to cultivate new levels of consciousness in ourselves. With our minds, our heart, our bodies we can now become the Seeds of a New Earth.
As Christ walked through the last week of His life on earth, his deeds imprinted new archetypes onto the signatures of the seven planetary powers.

If we choose to, we can make a yearly practice of honoring the days of Holy Week through cultivating a new and conscious relationship to the planets.
On Palm Sunday, we could honor the life-giving forces of the Sun, from which still stream the light and life and love of the world we live in.
Today, on Monday, we meet a new archetype. The Moon represents above all the gesture of reflecting the light of the Sun. Moon consciousness does not yet access pure Source, but lives only out of Maya. Moon consciousness is content with images instead of reality, with information instead of wisdom, with brain thinking instead of heart thinking. In this sense, Moon consciousness is dream consciousness, but not in a modern or positive sense. It may rise from body instincts, from subliminal messages, or even from eternal authorities whose sources we cannot trace.
Human consciousness has grown from the soil of Moon consciousness. We had to begin our process of cognition by through dreams, through instincts, through associative thinking.
Now, however, the new mind is awakening. Now hearts will learn to think. Now we will begin to understand the sources of things, not only the surfaces of things. Clear, illumined Sun-thinking is born out of resurrection powers. Humanity is now ready to develop the new thinking, the new mind. This thinking lives in a state of consciousness that will not die. This consciousness lives in the sources of eternal life.
On the evening of Palm Sunday, Christ withdrew with his twelve disciples into the quiet of their inner room. No more would He be heralded as the long-awaited hero. On Monday, he began his task of showing to humanity the futility of lazy thinking, of mediumship, of dogma, of external authority, of power. Step by step in this week we are called to discover in ourselves the workings of our shadow mind, so that we can lay it aside and recognize the new, germinating capacities within that enable us to step into eternal life.