Basic Guidelines

Watch this to learn basic principles, such as the importance of silence, how often to practice, how many repetitions to use, and more.

How to Occupy Space

Learn how to move through space with the precision and lightness of the etheric body

Pentagram: the Five-Pointed Star

The Archetypal Human Form

I Think Speech

The first eurythmy exercise

Peace Exercise

Be a creator of peace in your self and your world


Learn this sacred word of praise and thanksgiving in eurythmy

Homeschooling: Introduction

Watch this video to learn how to create simple eurythmy experiences for your homeschooled children

Creating Your Eurythmy Practice

Learn where, when and how to practice, and what to wear

Contraction & Expansion

Learn to move between and balance polarities.

Three-fold Walking

A conversation with the earth. Perhaps we need something longer and more descriptive