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Customer Reviews

June 30, 2020.  The silver lining to this corona virus quarantine journey is that “eurythmyonline” has come of age! With all due acknowledgement for how much we have forfeited by being forced to forego live interactions with people, I have been glad to have had the opportunity to share the eurythmy online project with hundreds of viewers from around the world. That is to say: I have just finished my first six-session online (zoom) eurythmy course, and it was truly moving to read how, for many people, this was a deep and true way to experience eurythmy. Some felt, in fact, that they could do eurythmy better online than in a real class, because they could feel the quiet they generated in their own souls as they moved!

As a response to this, I am going to continue offering live online webinars on a weekly basis for the foreseeable future. But first: I would love to share with you the comments of a few of those who watched the first series:

 It’s a good thing you have a large and powerful presence that can reach around the world. Well done! There are spiritual forces and beings that really want us to succeed with Eurythmy Online.


I start this day, this week imbued with your voice, image, movement, wisdom, inspiration with gratefulness for the work that you do, have done in bringing eurythmy, light and love to so many in the world.


Thank you for offering these sessions online! At this time in my life, I wouldn’t be able to receive Eurythmy any other way. I appreciate your light through the digital world!


When last we ended our class, you opened the door again for communication, and shared the soulful words, so that you know you are not speaking into the dark.  Cynthia, whatever darkness that may have been there before our time together in class is not there after the class has commenced and concluded.  In fact, the way that eurythmy breathes into one’s soul; as such, living in one’s soul life, there is no conclusion to what you share with us.  It continues to shine brightly, and I am so moved, no pun intended, that you have offered yourself in this way.

Your teaching is truly so profound for me, and I will share with you that my soul has been starving for this experience.  I drink in your words of experience and explanation.  Your words bring the art to life in such a beautiful way. I have loved eurythmy for a long time. 

Not to get too long here, but in December, much to my shock, I woke up and realized that somehow in the night I had had a stroke.  It affected my left side, but I am very blessed and am doing very well.  I will say my three-fold walking is not quite steady YET, and I cannot stay down for long for certain gestures YET.  Being with you, in class and etherically, has made me feel much stronger and connected in a deeper way.
I thank you with all my heart and hope to continue after our class tomorrow.  Perhaps we could speak sometime on the phone.  You may have some recommendations for me.  
Your sharings bring light beyond time.  All your students sparkle a little brighter for always!


Your teaching has brought my being into a new movement towards wholeness and I have found a daily practice of uniting spirit with physicality.  It is not a blissful experience, but one of true will engagement that brings deep peace and understanding to the process of acceptance and evolution of myself within the universe, and the universe within myself.  


I am so grateful for you for these sessions. You have arrived at a beautiful space, presentation, clarity. 


I have enjoyed this series very much! I am finding that it’s the only movement modality I have experienced that simultaneously engages both our human place on the earth (and all that entails – form, matter, weight, the senses, time, space) with our spiritual source (and resource) to continually sense and become aware of. All by engaging the body and the imagination. So cool! I don’t even begin to get it all, but I do find that it moves and taps into energy tangibly. And I suspect that the continuous reminder and connection to spiritual forces is incredibly healing and calming to our nervous systems.


I want to thank you for the sublime Eurythmy classes you give in this difficult times that we all go through.
Your workshop is a gift from heaven, I mean this from the bottom of my heart.






Eurythmy for Health and Harmony

Dear Cynthia,
Thank you so much for the blessings I received in your eurythmy workshop during this past weekend at the Anthroposophical General Mtg. at RSC.
The eurythmy movements you taught us touched me deeply. I decided to order the Blessing for the World exercises so I can practice at home. What a gift that will be! Thank you more than words can convey (perhaps eurythmy will convey it better).

Blessings in your new endeavor and may your sharings of eurythmy touch many people in many places on the earth. Healing will happen one person at a time through your love & gifts & sharings.

Here is a blessing that has been used for years at my annual Red Tent (name drawn from the book “The Red Tent”) Women’s Retreat-
We use a sage smudging blessing as we bless each other with these words.
And so now I bless you too-
“May love and light surround you
May love and light fill you from within
And may love and light connect you to others.”

I truly feel that this is happening within and around you too!

Blessings be,


Dear Cynthia,
As of yesterday, I am giving a little presentation/demo to the local in-home EC program teachers tomorrow evening –YAY!! Among other things, they would like me to bring Halleluiah (they said they always begin their meetings with this). I was recalling the beautiful way you introduced it to me and our class in my first year and I knew I could probably find it on your sight. I was soooooooo excited when I did, and the pdf doc too!! It is incredibly beautiful and clear how you share it in the video and in writing. I am grateful you share it in both mediums.. I will share it in my own way, inspired by what you have given, tomorrow.. wish me luck (or grace?)

The New Star Wisdom

Hello again Cynthia. Just a note to say that I like your introduction to the what I consider to be the greatest key Dr Steiner has given modern man to safely access the beings behind the world of the stars that we owe the vehicle we live in. I would greatly enjoy sharing your explorations into this world at some point in the future. Best wishes for an enlightening 2015 and may the stars speak to you and those that come to you for guidance on this enlightening journey. Forget space travel Richard Branson!! He should join your classes for a real bit of space travel.

Thank You

There is much depth, wisdom and warmth in the content Cynthia has put together, we are loving it and learning lots! Thank you Cynthia for making this possible.

Thank You

Oh Dear Cynthia,
I am just finding this now. I am so grateful for your thoughtful and kind response to my request. This is so helpful, so helpful. I am very moved, still, by your presentation, and am so glad to be able to continue to nurture the seed that you planted in me.
With my deepest thanks,

The Warmth of Your Work

Hi Cynthia

I am just letting you know that a group of three of us have started working with the online modules. We meet every fortnight to watch and move the lessons together and take this into our personal daily practice. It is not the same as having a live teacher of course but we commented today that it is surprising how much warmth comes through the video!!
We have started by working with I think Speech and the Peace exercise and then purchased the consonants module as I was particularly keen to work with the evolutionary sequence having done it briefly with our local eurythmist some years ago. I love the depth and wisdom you bring to the work and the images you give us to live into.
I posted on the community forum today as well to spread the good word!
Thank you again for this wonderful opportunity you have given us to deepen our experience of Eurythmy

The Consonants Module

Dear Cynthia,

I would so love to be able to attend your classes on The Zodiac.

Tomorrow morning Sonia, Michiko and I will embark together on your module for the Consonants. I have worked with your Freebies each day for a few weeks and find the gentle, methodical guidance very helpful. From there, creative ways to deepen the practice are able to spring forth. It is so different from a class where several different elements are covered at one time. I feel this gently unfolding method will entrain a model of simplicity which lay a strong foundation in each of us as individuals, and carry over into our shared movement.

Thank you, Shamara

About "A Sequence to Open to the Spirit"

Dear Cynthia,

I am so thankful for your work–the online module is absolutely wonderful and I have included it in my daily practice each morning. And the newsletters, like this one, are so beautiful! You are totally redeeming the use of the internet and computers, tools that are often abused, but, with the proper consciousness can be made spirit-illumining and meaningful. Thank you!

I now have the money to finish my payment for the module–I appreciate the opportunity! How should I proceed? In another month, I want to take on a new module–do you have a suggestion for what the next should be for me? Also, I am now getting a higher salary, as I’m taking on more responsibility here at Spikenard, so I should be able to pay in full for the next set of exercises.

Bless your heart, and take care. I hope this message finds you well.

With love,