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Eurythmy as a Performing Art

As a performing art, eurythmy occupies a new niche in the artistic genre. It is always performed to live poetry or to live music, and is known as Visible Speech and Visible Music.

In the case of Visible Speech, a speaker stands to the side of the stage and recites a poem or a story. A single eurythmist or an ensemble make that which is heard visible, through choreographed forms and expressive gestures made not only with the arms, but with the whole body. It is of vital importance that the speaker understands how to recite artistically, allowing the beauty of each sound, word, phrase and sentence to come alive through correct use of breathing and articulation. This will then give power and light to the feet and arms of the Eurythmist.

Performing Art

In the case of Visible Music, doing eurythmy to music instead of speech, one or more musicians play while the eurythmist(s) make it “visible” on the stage. All have learned and practiced the music together, and all are able to express together—through the instrument or through gesture—the tones, intervals, dynamics and inherent “meaning” of the music.

Performing Art

The speakers (or musicians) and the eurythmists experience themselves to be united in a common stream of intention, both bringing the living quality of the Word and Music to expression through their simultaneous and complementary arts. In this mystical wedding, the creativity of the speaker or musician and the eurythmist create a new, eloquent stage art.