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Eurythmy as a Personal Practice

There are many portals to the world of eurythmy. Some people start by seeing a performance, others by joining a community class. Many people did eurythmy as children, and others have experienced the health-bringing effects of therapeutic Eurythmy.

With this website, I am laying the foundation for something new: offering a way for anyone to be able to learn and use eurythmy for their own personal practice.

Human beings of the present age have an urgent need to integrate body, soul and spirit. The stresses of the fast-paced life of our time, the challenges of food and environmental allergies, the over-intellectual emphasis of our age take a constant toll on our health and well being.

At the same time, the modern human being feels a profound urge to work on him or herself. Untold thousands–perhaps millions of people are now looking for spiritual paths that can give meaning and direction to their lives. People everywhere are meditating, doing self-exploration and conscious-raising studies, practicing yoga and tai chi.

Eurythmy has a valuable contribution to make in this journey of the modern seeker.

Because of its deep insights into the human condition, Eurythmy can be a powerful practice for people who want to take their spiritual life to the next level.

The movements of Eurythmy are beautiful and natural: nothing is contrived or artificial. Each gesture springs directly from the powers of the open heart, and finds expression in the body. Eurythmy is done with full consciousness, as it appropriate for the present age. Eurythmy doesn’t offer trances or ecstasy, or escapes from the present life. It strengthens the inner power of soul to be able to mature and know what it means to be truly present.

The human body is a wonderful and sacred creation. Eurythmy does not harden the body, does not build muscle mass, does not treat it as a purely sensual or sexual delight, but brings grace, harmony and beauty to it.

The movements of eurythmy are all alive as etheric patterns and meaning-filled gestures. This means that they draw directly from the powers of life! Eurythmy understands the relationship of the human being to the sacred earth, to nature, and to the sun and the moon and the stars. Its movements are in harmony with these. Indeed, the deeper a Eurythmist enters into his or her practice, the more these powers are revealed. The Eurythmist can align his or her heart with the heart of the universe and draw strength, meaning and inspiration from these.

For all these reason, I wish to make it possible for everyone to be able to create a personal eurythmy practice. By aligning your mind with the spirit, your heart with your movements, your body with the life-giving forces of the etheric fields of life, your spiritual-physical journey can be changed.

Of course, the best possible experiences of eurythmy can be had in live classes, with personal teachers and with other classmates. Your eurythmy experience will be magnified beautifully when you learn to move and create in harmony with other people, when you learn to connect with others and move in the etheric realms together. For these reasons, I urge you to also take advantage of every opportunity to attend public classes. But until then, here you will find everything I can offer you so that you can begin your own eurythmy practice.

If you are looking for this modern path of sacred dance and mindful movement, begin here!