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beginner friendly

The Foundations of a Personal Practice

Sep 13 - Oct 11
Tuesdays at 8:15-9:15AM (PT)

immediately followed by

advanced practice

Poetry for Michaelmas

Sep 13 - Oct 11
Tuesdays at 9:15-9:45AM (PT)

Eurythmy Webinar Details

The Foundations of a Personal Practice

(Tue)Sep 13 - Oct 11  8:15-9:15 AM PST

In developing a Personal Eurythmy Practice, we learn movements that bring harmony to body, soul and spirit. These help us become authentically grounded and peaceful, whereby we access the true forces of health These in turn are essential qualities to strengthen our forces of resilience.

In this 5-week series, we will lay the foundation for a eurythmy practice with basic warm-up exercises.

We will then learn 5 beautiful movement sequences that support health in a threefold way: to the nerve/sense, heart/lungs and metabolic/limb system. Through these, we learn to release stress and sleep better, balance the rhythms of the heart, and strengthen the metabolism. These beautiful “Soul-exercises” were taught by Rudolf Steiner to the first eurythmists.

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Pre-Requisites: None, Beginner Friendly

(suggested donation: $5-$20/session)

Upcoming Series

  • Awakening to the Worlds of Time and Space: Rod Exercises and Spatial Forms (Oct 2022)
  • The Colors of the Soul (Dec 2022)
  • The Creative Word in Eurythmy: The Consonants as Cosmic Forces (Jan 2023)
  • The Living Word in Eurythmy: The Vowels as Archetypal Soul Expressions (Apr 2023)

immediately followed by

Poetry for Michaelmas

Advanced Work (Tue)Sep 13 - Oct 11  9:15-9:45 AM PST

“Victorious Spirit! Flame through the impotence of irresolute souls!”

In addition, students who have already built up a foundational practice of eurythmy are ready to take a next step. Join us at 9:15 for a 30 minute class for a poem to call upon the Archangel Michael for strength and courage.

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