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Basic Warm-up Exercises

Your doorway to Eurythmy as a Personal Practice

Module #1
Lessons Included: 8
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With these first six lessons, I show you to how move with grace and harmony while quietly centering and grounding yourself.

The movements are initially slow and quiet, so you can practice becoming aware of how you stand and walk and use your gestures.You will learn to experience and express the polarities between heaven and earth, spirit and matter, light and weight in beautiful etheric movements. Through them, you will feel clarity in your head, warmth in your heart, and strength in your lower body. These movements provide the basics for a quiet, simple and centering practice of mindful movement.

Eurythmy Warmups may be taken alone, or can serve as the first step of your personal eurythmy journey.

  1. Pre Lesson: How to create your own eurythmy practice
  2. Weight and Light: Balancing earth and heaven
  3. Threefold Walking: Finding harmony in slow motion
  4. Contraction/Expansion: In standing and in walking
  5. Harmonizing Copper Ball Exercise: Threefold walking with the ball
  6. Variations on Threefold Walking: Varying the tempo
  7. I think speech: The sacred geometry of the human form