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      It’s my understand that Eurhythmy relates to the Spirit-Human.

      I’m always very glad to discuss these things.

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      Is anyone else having strong felt sensations from what we are practicing in eurythmy? When we were practicing the consonants, I was feeling moved to go out into the world boldly. Now that we are doing vowels, I am feeling deeply emotional. Is this a normal response to practice? It can be a little intense.

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      Holly, I have also experienced powerful mental and emotional states through the lessons Cynthia has been giving us. I have found that balancing the vowels and consonants brings some balance to the states they engender, especially used in the context or some of the verses we have been given. Also, walking in nature is extremely beneficial in bringing stability. I was told up to 2 miles a day is best, but even 15 minuets is helpful. Walking anywhere helps, but natural places are best, and even better are places where people do not go; wild places that are not full of other peoples thoughts and emotions give the elemental nature forces more healing power. Be wary though, some places can have dark forces lurking, especially places that have been abused.

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      Eurythmy has to do with all of our physical-spiritual nature——–but if I were to choose only one of them, Vitalie, I would choose to say it is most closely connected with Life Spirit!

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