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Hello Cynthia

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      Hello Cynthia!! Thank you so much for these classes. I always marvel how everything I need to learn is brought in such a timely manner from diverse sources at the same time. Our study group has been in this topic for over a year. Now your classes are tying so many loose ends together. One thing it is stirring in me is the desire to draw and color it out… a Huge challenge for me. One of my hard childhood memories is a blank sheet of paper and a box of crayons and being told to draw something… always a struggle and little satisfaction. There is a real desire here that wants to express these beautiful thoughts. I am so grateful.

      Also, could you please send the first session class PDF notes to me please? I did not join until the second class.

      Again many thanks, Cynthia!!

      Mary Greenough

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      Cynthia I finally restabllish my password which did not let me come here but finally Hello and Think was perfect to give you my humblest and most honest Thank you for this wonderful classes you are so generously giving with such clear and understanding way of expressing yourself. I finally understand so many new things combining the Eurythmics and the human Cosmic Evolution I am in a marvelous journey . Thank you for all the work you put behind and the PDF you send which. Can always help to go back and study such and interesting topics. So I sincerely hope you continue because I appreciate so mucho this opportunity to be conscious of really meaningful values for our daily life. Please Any topic you the teacher know what is best to continue this journey to feed our soul and to grow in this wonderful community you have created God Bless You and Thank you Thank you Thank you

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