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      I have 2 related questions:
      1) I’m interested to know what everyone’s idea of the I AM is… and
      2) could someone clarify this or take it further for me: did we come from complete connectedness, to lose it through our evolutionary separation, only to now try to reclaim this understanding/awareness/reconnection of/to Spirit?

      Many thanks!

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      I AM is the knower, the I who knows that one is knowing. I AM is in each human.

      I would like to offer you this quote, which I have loved for years, by Victor Hugo: “The greatest happiness of life is the conviction that we are loved; loved for ourselves, or rather, loved in spite of ourselves.” This helped me to experience gratitude for friends and family who were loving, despite my many flaws. But now I find that I am focused on the ‘conviction’ part of this quote. What is this conviction? This is an inner knowing that I experience in my being. I do believe this I AM is connected to love, and to the beings who helped to bring about the creation of our world.

      You may sense my inner knower, my I AM or ego, just I am may sense yours. This is an inner sense, one of the 12 senses that Rudolf Steiner speaks of. Can we be as conscious of this sense as we are of the sense of hearing or seeing? I think it is an undeveloped sense for many of us.

      In answer of the second question, my understanding is that our connection to the spiritual world is different now than in past eras. I wouldn’t use the word reclaim, as our task is now to understand in a fully conscious way how we are connected to other spiritual beings. For example, the methods of ancient people, such as the ancient Egyptian initiation rituals, are not suited for our time. One way I am thinking of this evolution is that we have always been connected to the spiritual realm, and always will be connected to spirit, but as individuals born in a particular place and time and material body, our task now as human beings is to develop our individuality with the knowledge of spiritual truths. This knowledge becomes a light within, and the I AM experiences this light in a way that wasn’t available in earlier times.

      I hope this makes sense to you.

      Many blessings!

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      The ‘I AM’ ——? I believe Kelly that you are right, it is the ‘knower’. But it is also the thinker, feeler, and doer. It is self-directed, creative consciousness. But words are inadequate. I can intuitively know myself free of all sense perceptions and personal history and yet consciousness is still the most profound mystery.

      Personally, I have this core sense that I have a spiritual mother and father. That two, high spiritual beings of opposite gender came together in Love, and each sacrificed a part of their essential nature to give birth to mine. This gives rise to what Kelly mentioned: that I am eternally loved unconditionally by these two beings. In this matter of spiritual birth perhaps the Hermetic principle of “As above, so below” holds true: that in order to be unique and not just a clone requires the mixing of two unique beings, for it seems to me that we ‘inherit’ qualities from our spiritual parents. Primary in this regard would be a spiritual stream; that we all have a core makeup of either Father, Son or Holy Spirit or a combination of them. To the two beings who gave of themselves that I might be I am eternally grateful.

      So how does this fir in with what is presented in ‘Esoteric Science’? We are born in spirit as we are born in the material world: innocent and completely open to our environment. We feel at one with all that surrounds us; we are not able to differentiate ourselves from that which has engendered us. We must mature and learn to know ourselves as unique creative beings in spirit, just as we must learn to be functioning, creative adults in the physical world. To do this we must experience the ‘fall from grace’. Just as we must leave our parent’s home that we might learn to know ourselves free from their influence, so to we must leave the spiritual world that we might learn independently to know ourselves as creative individuals. To this end we have been given this sacred, beautiful, and ever mysterious Earth. May we be worthy of the gifts that have been given us.

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