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Our Journey after Death

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      I would like to invite the participants in the Winter 2022 Lecture Series “Our Journey after Death” to interact with one another by writing posts on this webpage. Share your thoughts and your questions here. It is your page!

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      Contraction and Expansion
      has created inner realizations and deepening happening at various points of practicing it through the course of the last 1 and a 1/2 year.
      At this point practicing contraction and expansion in the context of Our journey after death brings new meanings to my being.

      While contracting I just love to think and feel myself contracting into a seed of light in the heart as guided in the session and wholesomely incarnate with full awareness.

      The seed of my body, my thinking , seed of my feeling and willing stretching the intelligence of becoming aware beyond my finger tips, beyond my feet , beyond my skin .. beyond thinking and feeling and willing.

      The whole routing process in the contraction was allowing my feet, legs , lower body to be flown and permeated with light , the light that can transform forces of gravity. Allow gravity not to block evolution but coexist with light and its transformative balancing spirit.

      Feeling more rooted to the centrifugal point at my feet, firm in my shins, firm up the knees and joints and routing the legs, limbs, hips, thighs, bones with
      a sense of stability and firmness that is comfortably established in relationship to the centrifugal forces of the earth. The Earthing within me is stable well rooted that I can touch the light with a deep sense of balance and presence.

      A rooting that can assure that all certainty that my expansion into the higher spheres of the universe will be in balance and steady spiraling without getting flitted away and disoriented from gravity and the feeling is well established and held unfalteringly in a focal point.

      I get a picture of me. Well held in the soil of gravity, my feet uninterupptedly alighed to the light forces of gravity working in the depths of the earth. A tightening of screws kind of a feeling, a feeling of not allowing myself to be completely lifted up.

      While coming back spiraling back into contraction , I loosen the tightness of gravity like unlocking the gates so that the light reaches, Ray’s within freely into all the corners of the body, the limbs the legs .. the feeli g thinking and willing and through the feet touches all corners of the Earth. Strengthening the connect of the lower and higher.

      This is one of the most beautiful exercises ..
      Over a period of time the lower part of the self the more egoic part of myself which has unconscious ramblings is given this picture, is gifted with a vision that it has to transform into the upperbody.. envision and enable higher transitions more ably where it can express movements into other realms of the space, elements, stars the planets , the whole cosmos into pure consciousness by humbly joyfully learning to hold expand 8into gravity, to realize that now its karma is to surrendering faithfully hold the root soundly so spiritual activity .. activity of the spirit, the connections of higher worlds can be carried through , seamlessly in balance in stillness in clarity.

      Shashi Wadhera – Bangalore – India

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      Eurythmy Sound : AH
      Eurythmy Articulator – Dr.Rudolf Steiner
      Eurythmy Mentor : Cynthia Hoven
      Topic : AH as expressed in the Journey through Death and Rebirth.

      The earth in all that it looks and feels communicates a natural sense of impeccable Beauty in all its varying depths and altering heights. Beauty deepens and evokes a dynamic feeling of permeated love. In all that flows and all that we feel deep into us we are effortlessly, spontaneously invoked in our spirit with a wonderstruck sense of awe, deep flow of love and love in all varying tones, shades, intonations, play on the earth comes from the Sphere of the glorious Venus was such a revelation to feel through in my Eurythmy session with Cynthia. The forces of Venus emanating into the Earth, fill the earth, her space and depths with this inexplicable presence of streaming, flourishing Love and Beauty. Our eyes are gifted and welcomed to behold, with all our senses aspects of pristine love and beauty existing in the natural world from the infinite colors, movements, sounds and just about everything the spirit touches. The sound that emanates into the earth from the core of the Venus sphere is AH .

      In Eurythmy it is expressed as an opening up to the stars’ gesture . From the heart the hands just open sky bound into a graceful humbling , wonderfilled feeling and gesture that simply expresses, flowingly as AH. With more breath flowing into the word, the feeling of deepening reverence and awe grows, wonder just deepens in intensity and thinking, feeling and willingness are suspended into a state of oneness.The heart lives in this inexplicable feeling of reverence and surrender.

      The heart is suspended in a state of silent bliss, ease and happiness.
      While moving the gesture in space visualizations like a valley blooming with flowers , sun kissed mountains , birds flying across the sky, meandering rivers, pouring cascades a sky pregnant with illuminating stars , A still moon over the roaring oceans .. all sing testimony to the presence of the sound AH sourcing out from the enriching Venus Sphere. “

      In the love, we humans are ordinarily conditioned to experience, this mysterious sense of a boundless feeling of beauty and love does not exist. An unconscious mind conditions this sense of a growing expanding magical sense into a ruffled confused anonymity bound by unconscious popular outlooks of sense entangled love.

      I move this sound within myself to heal and align myself in a living, feeling, pulsating force of beauty and love. I love my being to be engulfed by it. The gesture when breathed is soothing and assuring in essence. The whole being is permeated with a rare feeling as if the whole existence is showering its respect and grace on us. The deeper and more sincere our connection to the forces of the spiritual qualities of beauty and love, the more the movement enkindles the forces lying within the human consciousness since we are all connected in a far reaching way more than what is comprehended by our ordinary senses.

      While moving AH in Eurythmy, it just fills me with the joy of connecting to the larger dimension of the source consciousness from where this beautiful earth adorns the way she has manifested to look in her consciousness.The Earth feels like a living reflection of many spheres in unassuming service to the supreme creator.

      Ah- The way Cynthia breathes it through so livingly is deepening for me
      The way it flows out of the heart is very warming.

      Truly a planet to go for to transform one of the prevalent issues of our time- hate culture..
      When I open to the sun in the Venus sound gesture .. many points of awareness have come to a living presence within me.
      I ensure to move the Gesture of AH in all the tight corners of my unconscious being. It helps my ignorance slowly break its mold and start moving in response to this gesture. For people who have never experienced a living sense of unconditional love AH sound is the building block, the DNA mantra to move and get connected to in out thinking, feeling and all that willing action, AH builds trust in them to open up to an ultimate source of love and a crystalline sense of pure beauty that emanates from within from the virtue of loving, compassion and peacemaking.
      To my feelings the crystal clear opening of the hands from the heart to the sun. It gives a liberated feeling of opening up to the ultimate truth. liberating all the points of attachment in peripheral matters and just fully wholly opening up to the creator without an inkling of doubt

      I love to move AH within me to work with all my frozen zones , tightened by dogmas and superstitions and fears.
      I evoke AH to build the sense of opening up.Just bringing my thinking feeling and willing in a living dynamic ever creative way into this gesture aligns me with gravity gracefully like the way beauty is aligned to permeate the Earth and at the same time open up the spirit. And sensitize to be held in eternal balance.

      Very often we have tendencies to be carried away by matters that do not even deserve inspirational awe.
      The gesture signals to rise up and connect, surrendering wholesomely to the higher without any holdbacks.
      In my heart as I stream the AH gesture I visualize the rich sense of living moving beauty on the earth, I visualize an understanding of how much Venus would have passed through in evolution to hold herself as a sphere permeated just with this humbling essence. I evoke feeling pictures of Venus, her surrendering tandem with the very soul and heart of the Creator , to the very spirit of the Creator or creative consciousness to flow into earth as the very force of love.
      Everything living free and open to the sun on the earth is a song of gratitude to the Creator.

      Her presence endears us to the Earth.. One can be and be and be , see and see and see boundless awe and inspiration.

      The AH movement in Eurythmy AH is a promise of A becoming of a core whose nature can see through all strife, conflict, chaos through the transformatory spirit of love and beauty that Venus and her pristine movement of AH showers us with. A power that can transition without a sound, noise , a point to prove or fight for , a force that can transform every pulse, impulse that is stuck into the essence of love and beauty which from the heart can be offered to none other than the Creator. I am so in feeling connected with venus. Love and beauty are forces innately impulsed to silently heal and transform.

      Shashi- India .

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