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Full Curriculum

Sign up for the full online curriculum, with over 50 lessons that will give you in-depth instructions in how to develop your own personal eurythmy practice.

Full Eurythmy Curriculum

The lessons are offered to you in a series of learning steps, that begin with the basic practices of learning to stand, walk, and open your self to macrocosmic and microscopic forces. The next lessons teach you how to work with copper rods, and then progress to teach you how to move through space with grace and etheric awareness. Lessons continue with entering the true heart of eurythmy, learning to engage your soul and spirit by meeting the powers of language and learning to em-body them in elegant gestures. You will conclude this journey by learning a series of exercises which offer wonderful, specific health-bringing forces.

The full curriculum is truly the heart of The site was created with the vision of making it possible for you to create your own practice of eurythmy at home. This comprehensive curriculum will give you the most profound eurythmy foundation possible.

Includes the basic warmup series, rods, spatial exercises, all 28 sounds, and the lessons on how to use eurythmy for health and well-being.    

The journey through the entire curriculum will take you a full year, and will take you to the heart of eurythmy. Sign up for this journey, to let your meditative work become a mindful movement, and let your movement practice lead you to deep spiritual awareness.

This package also includes two complimentary coaching sessions.