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Gifting Eurythmy

The Gift Economy

In addition to my love of eurythmy, I am also very involved in exploring the writings of modern spiritual and social leaders, whose provocative thoughts are illuminating some of our basic paradigms and articulating some of the shifts that we as humanity will need to make to create the future we are all dreaming of!

One of the most fundamental questions that fascinates me is the question of value and money.

Money and power have become so entangled in our contemporary world, that they seem to frame or dictate most of our human interactions.

How can we disentangle these two?

What new and honest relationships can emerge when people can change their relationship to money?

How do two people come to a mutual understanding of the true value of a thing or of a service?

If you would like to explore this question with me, then I am willing to engage in an experiment with you.

As I created this website, I recognized that the true price for these lessons can’t be measured in currency. It is my desire that anyone and everyone can find eurythmy and do it as much as they like. In one respect, I would love to give it all away.

On the other hand, it is also my life’s work, and what I offer is the fruit of decades of research and growth. How can that be measured? Perhaps it is truly worth tens of thousands of dollars! Also, I have real costs attached to this website, including web design and hosting costs, and these can’t be negotiated. And the honesty and morality of a financial exchange shows that the buyer values and appreciates what s/he is purchasing, and is willing to give something as an exchange, in accordance with his or her own capacities.

So I am willing to enter into an experiment with my customers on my website. If you are bold enough, you may contact me on my website if you like, and offer to me what you feel inspired to offer in exchange for my lessons of services. It may be $10,000, or it may be $10: it may be a gift of money or energy or time (or dental services or car repair, etc.).

I don’t know where this experiment may take us, but if it is a small contribution to changing the balance of money and power in the world, I would love to try it!