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NOTE: The Homeschooling lessons are not available to purchase individually, you must purchase the full grade as a set or purchase the All Access Annual Pass. However, each grade builds upon the one before it so when you purchase a grade of exercises, you also get access to all of the lower grades.

As an example, purchase 3rd Grade Exercises, and receive access to the Pre-K, 1st, 2nd, & 3rd Grade exercises.

Homeschool Parents
Parents who will teach eurythmy to their children will prepare themselves by practicing the basic elements of eurythmy themselves! Start here!
10 lessons
Preschool and Kindergarten
This lesson teaches two very simple poems in eurythmy that are appropriate for the young child.
4 lessons
1st Grade Exercises
The first grade exercises lay the foundation for children's eurythmy with agility and coordination exercises
5 lessons
2nd Grade Exercises
The second grade exercises build upon the first grade exercises, while adding more complicated rod and spatial exercises
6 lessons
3rd Grade Exercises
Third grade children are ready for more fun and complicated exercises in spatial orientation, walking and rod exercises
11 lessons
4th Grade Exercises
Introduction to fourth grade rod exercises and lots of geometric form challenges
13 lessons
5th & 6th Grade Exercises
Sixth grade rod exercises and more geometric form challenges.
18 lessons
7th & 8th Grade Exercises
Learning the entire sequence of rod exercises and additional geometric form challenges
25 lessons
High School Curriculum
Offers all the eurythmy rod exercises and geometric forms
28 lessons