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How This Site was Born

            Whenever I teach public classes, people ask me how they can continue with eurythmy on their own. Most of the foundational exercises they have learned can easily be done at home. However, even though they may have loved the practice, they couldn’t remember the exercises clearly enough to do them without guidance. I have written papers for them and given them written guidelines, but still they wanted more. I wrote my book Eurythmy Movements and Meditations so they deepen their understanding of the sounds of language. And yet my question continued to grow: can I offer people another way to continue their eurythmy at home?

            I also know that there are far more people who will never meet a eurythmist in their lives. I am imagining those who live in parts of the world that will never be visited by a eurythmist. Could there be a way for me to share the path of eurythmy with them?

            On the other hand, I have always been reluctant to show recordings of eurythmy, because the electronic medium simply cannot capture the essence of what eurythmy is. It can provide the image of eurythmy, but not the reality.

            And so I began by making audio recordings to coach people how to do threefold walking, contraction-expansion and the Peace Exercise at home. But then I realized that I couldn’t teach the eurythmy rod exercises without visual content

            It was my friend Melissa, who runs an online curriculum for Waldorf homeschooling parents, who finally insisted that I sit down and talk with her about the needs that her clients have to learn enough eurythmy to show some things to their children. With Melissa, my protests about the limitations of the medium were all in vain. And as she explained to me how she offers really deep instruction to her clients about inner work and spiritual values, I began to envision how I could do the same thing for eurythmy.

            The essential thing in a eurythmy practice is you need to learn to activate their own sense of presence, of being really centered and awake in your thinking, feeling and willing. This isn’t possible when you are looking at a video screen—or even in a mirror. So I teach you to use the recordings only as long as you need to learn the practice and then to turn off the computer and start building your own practice sequence in silence! I also created the pdf files so you can download all the instructions in descriptions in detail and read them at your leisure.

            Finally, I am offering online coaching for people to support you in learning your exercises correctly.

            Together, we can build a movement!