Is Eurythmy Right For Me

Eurythmy offers a modern heart-centered practice of mindful movement, raising your consciousness while grounding and balancing you in body, soul and spirit.

But is it right for everyone?

  • Eurythmy will bring you health and well-being. But if you’re looking for that super-sexy-sensuous lean and lithe body, you won’t find it here.
  • Eurythmy makes everyone – whatever age, whatever body type– beautiful, from the inside out! But if you only count your outside physical looks, try a different kind of path!
  • Eurythmy is done in beautiful, concentrated quiet. But if you aren’t comfortable with the silence, look elsewhere!
  • Eurythmy is done standing up—or, if necessary, sitting in a chair. But if you’re longing for those floor stretches and shoulder stands, again: you won’t find them here!
  • Eurythmy is gentle, and not ambitious. Eurythmists can hold space and change energy, through loving attention. But a eurythmy practice doesn’t train you to lift heavy weights, break bricks with your hands or throw opponents to the floor. So if you are looking for a cardio-vascular session or a super-chi workout, this isn’t it. Likewise, if you are looking for an ecstatic practice, this isn’t that!
  • Eurythmy engages you in your whole self, teaching you to be conscious, creative, feeling, flowing and embodied. Eurythmy gives you a path of becoming present.
  • And so, if you are ready to focus on deep work to integrate body, soul and spirit —– welcome! You’ve found us!