Immune Support: Introduction

We have compiled a wonderful series of 4 exercises that will build and support your immune system by strengthening the three systems of the Head, Trunk and Metabolism through eurythmy. This has proven to be wonderfully helpful during the time of the pandemic!

The Soul Exercises: Introduction

Learn how vowel and consonant exercises can be fine-tuned to create health-supporting practices

Foot Exercises: Yes/No and Sympathy/Antipathy

Activate your deep will with these two foot exercises that stimulate health by deepening your breathing creating deep grounding.


Become grounded in your lower body by learning to fully penetrate your metabolism. For many people, this is a great help for better sleep and getting warm!


Cultivate a peaceful heart, find balance in your heart by practicing the polarities of pouring forth love and creating personal boundaries


Overcome stress, build immunity, sleep better with this beautiful exercise, by opening yourself to the invisible forces of the spirit