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Eurythmy Curriculum

The curriculum I have created for you here is inspirational, poetic and detailed, offered with great depth, care and integrity.
The initial series of lessons offers a comprehensive curriculum that advances from one module to the next, much as eurythmy public classes would do. I have designed the process so that it would take a year to progress from one module to the next, learning a new lesson each week.
Modules may also be taken individually. This is a great choice for people who want to focus on just one part of the curriculum. It may be particularly suited for people who need to refresh their knowledge of something that they learned in a class, or it may be right for someone who has taken a number of classes and is ready to go deeper and further with a particular element.
The curriculum includes:

  • Basic warm-up exercises, including exercises for how to fill and feel space, how to move in time, how to stand and walk.
  • Rod exercises to develop precision, agility, and unerring spatial orientation.
  • Exercises for moving forms, which are the foundation of artistic choreography. In your personal practice, they awaken a living sense for the etheric space we move in, opening the door to perceiving the forces of life that we are normally unaware of.
  • The comprehensive study of the gestures of the major sounds of language introduces you to the spiritual and earthly power of speech, and shows you how to they move in you, both in standing and in forms. One module covers the seven major vowels, and another covers the wonderful world of the consonants.
  • Further aspects of the curriculum, including eurythmy for personal health and healing and eurythmy for home schoolers all build upon these foundational steps.

It is possible to do the entire curriculum, or only a part of the whole curriculum and still derive a deep sense of stress relief and groundedness.
You will also be able to choose how quickly you want to move through the curriculum. It was designed to support especially people who will be able to take the time to deepen themselves in one new exercise every week. Others, especially those who have already done some eurythmy, might want to move more quickly because they are already familiar with the basic principles.
Throughout the training, students are encouraged to travel to live workshops, so their skills can be refined and developed through working with a live teacher. They can have the opportunity to schedule online appointments with me.
Anyone who completes this whole journey will have the foundation to go on to further online and live classes for home schooling parents, threshold work, and the like.
Please note, however, that this personal practice course is not a substitute for a eurythmy training and does not qualify you to teach classes to children or adults. Feel free, however, to share these exercises in an informal way with friends and family.
The artistic process of eurythmy is, naturally, best served when it is guided by a teacher in a live class. However, my intent with these lessons through audio and video recordings is to enable people who cannot find a live class to attend to have the next best thing: an opportunity to create for themselves a personal eurythmy practice, on their own terms and in their own home.
These lessons will also be helpful for people who have had some experience with eurythmy in live classes, and are ready now to integrate it into their own lives.
My greatest hope is that everyone who loves eurythmy will find live teachers to work with. You may need to travel to a workshop center or arrange to have someone come to you. I offer courses around the world, and you can join me in any of them. You will be able to find referrals for local teachers on my website.