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Eurythmy Lessons Online

What a personal eurythmy practice will bring you
Eurythmy engages every level of your human experience, changing and balancing you in your consciousness, your feeling life, your life field, and your physical body. It is an integrative art form in the most profound sense of the word.
Our age brings stress and exhaustion to many people, as the pace of life and the electromagnetic fields we live in stress our etheric bodies. Through eurythmy you have the possibility of tapping into deep sources of vitality and life. You can draw to yourself forces from the sources of life you were born out of.
At the most internal level, it actively engages your consciousness, as you practice being attentive to what you are doing and how you are expressing yourself in gesture. You not only become aware of what you are doing, but also of yourself as the one who initiates your movement. At the same time, you perceive that you are moving the field of energy around you: you are simultaneously the point of your consciousness and the field of space you are in.
You also become adept at knowing the dynamics and colors of your astral, or feeling life, able to generate and experience an entire spectrum of artistic emotions objectively.
In your eurythmy practice you learn to move your physical body in accordance with the laws of the etheric world, for eurythmy is a living art, unfolding in the living, etheric flow of time. Just as plants overcome the mineral nature by continuous growth and change in time, so too does the human being attain health when every cell of the physical body is held in the field of life of the etheric body. (This is the same body that practitioners of Eastern arts call the “chi” body, although the way it is used is different.) We are also surrounded by our etheric aura, living forces that are free for our consciousness. In eurythmy we artistically sculpt these free forces.
In eurythmy you become accurate, coordinated and precise all the way into your physical gestures. The eurythmy experience must be a fully grounded one, for in this way we can fulfill our purpose of being on earth as we fully engage ourselves all the way into our physical bodies and embody our spirituality!