A Sequence for a Peaceful Heart

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Find the power to love with generosity and balance.


Built around the Love-Ā exercise, this sequence is created especially for those who want to work towards finding equanimity in the heart chakra.  It is especially helpful for people who tend to have high or low blood pressure, who carry stress in their hearts, who are weary by giving away too much energy and cannot find peace. This 15 minute sequence contains 8 balancing exercises.

Includes the “Love-Ā” exercise

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Course Details

This is a list of the included lessons for this course.

    • Lesson 1. Pre-Lesson: Creating Your Own Practice
    • Lesson 2. Three-fold Walking: Connect heaven and earth through mindful walking
    • Lesson 3. Contraction/Expansion: Within your heart shines the light of the sun
    • Lesson 4. Harmonizing Copper Ball Exercise: Threefold walking with the ball
    • Lesson 5. The Consonant: B: The Consonant of Boundaries - Part 1
    • Lesson 6. The Consonant: L: The Consonant of Life, Love and Light
    • Lesson 7. The Consonant: M: The Consonant of Warmth
    • Lesson 8. The Vowel: Ā: The Vowel of Separation
    • Lesson 9. Love-Ā: Find the balance you need in your feeling heart


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