A Sequence for Deep Grounding

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Learn the profound and beautiful strength of fully standing on the earth.


Built around the Hope-U exercise, this sequence is created especially for those who feel that their lower body is weak or unpenetrated. They may not eat well, they may not feel that they stand firmly on the earth. This 15 minute sequence contains 6 beautiful exercises.

Includes the grounding “Hope-U” exercise.

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B: The Consonant of Boundaries

Course Details

This is a list of the included lessons for this course.

    • Lesson 1. Pre-Lesson: Creating Your Own Practice
    • Lesson 2. Threefold Walking: A conversation with the earth
    • Lesson 3. Contraction/ Expansion: In standing and in walking
    • Lesson 4. The Consonant: B: The Consonant of boundaries
    • Lesson 5. Seven-fold Rod Exercise: Training for precision
    • Lesson 6. The Vowel: U: The Vowel of roots and grounding
    • Lesson 7. Hope-U: Become grounded and breathe deeply


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