Sequence to Overcome Stress and Sleep Better

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Built around the Ah-reverence exercise, this sequence is created especially for those who are overwhelmed by the senses and who feel as if they are being “ground down” by the sense world.

It is especially recommended to help people who have a hard time falling asleep at night, who spend too much time at the computer or in cares, or who are highly susceptible to catching colds from others.

This 15 minute sequence contains 6 beautiful exercises. If you journey through all of these, you will find the strength you need.

Included Lessons

  1. Pre Lesson: How to create your own eurythmy practice
  2. Threefold Walking: A conversation with the earth
  3. Contraction-ExpansionIn standing and in walking
  4. BThe consonant of boundaries
  5. The Waterfall Rod Exercise: Opening up your backspace
  6. AhThe Vowel of Wonder
  7. Ah-ReverenceOvercome stress and sleep better