Eurythmy Rod Exercises

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Building coordination, grace and skill.

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Your first eurythmy exercises have taught you grace, harmony and consciousness. Rod exercises take you the next step by awakening skill and precision.

As a movement meditation, eurythmy supports the way that your spirit and soul live in your body. The first eurythmy exercises have opened up for you the tools to awaken this sense of yourself as the conscious spirit in your life, and learn how to move in harmony with spirit laws.

To further develop your practice, the next step in the eurythmy curriculum will be a series of practices done with copper rods. Rod exercises are introduced in the eurythmy curriculum from the very first lessons. Your rod work will help you develop a very awake sense of space and movement, and develop your agility in your hands, fingers and whole-body movement.

Eurythmy Rod Exercises may be taken alone, or can serve as a second fundamental stepping stone in developing your own Personal Eurythmy Practice.


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The Basics

Course Details

This is a list of the included lessons for this course.

    • Lesson 1. Pre-Lesson: Creating Your Own Practice
    • Lesson 2. Copper Rods: The Basics
    • Lesson 3. The Seven-fold Rod Exercise: Training for precision
    • Lesson 4. The Twelve-fold Rod Exercise: Deepening your breathing
    • Lesson 5. The Spiral Rod Exercise: Coming to your center
    • Lesson 6. The Waterfall: Opening up your backspace
    • Lesson 7. The Staff of Mercury: Grace and confidence
    • Lesson 8. Qui-qui Birds and Jumping Squirrels: Agility with the hands
    • Lesson 9. Rod Tossing: Partner exercise
    • Lesson 10. Practice Sequence with Rod Exercises: Putting it all together


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