Eurythmy Spatial Exercises

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Eight exercises to develop awareness of how we occupy space with etheric movements

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The next step in your eurythmy practice will teach you how to increase your awareness of the space you move through and how to move geometric forms. As eurythmists, we express our art in the way we move through space according to the dynamics of the etheric world.

We learn to listen to the way that each line of poetry and thoughts and even sounds themselves live in space. Some may call for movement in straight lines or curves; others may be jagged or smooth, in-winding or out-streaming. The eurythmist develops a sensitive awareness for how each piece itself needs unfolds in space and time according to artistic lawfulness. We practice diligently how to move according to real etheric lawfulness.

We have laid the foundation for this by learning how to stand and walk, and coordinate these with arm movements in Eurythmy Warmups. We have further developed a sure feeling for how to feel space with the Eurythmy Rod Exercises. Now we will begin sculpting space with a conscious study of how to move straight line, curves, circles, waves, lemniscates and more. These will lay the foundations for later being able to move eurythmy forms with grace and confidence, and for getting to know the movement qualities of the vowels and consonants and how they live as spatial forms.

The Spatial Exercises module may be taken alone, or can serve as a second fundamental stepping stone in developing your own Personal Eurythmy Practice. It will be most fruitful, however, if taken after both Eurythmy Warmups and Eurythmy Rod Exercises.

Included Lessons

  1. Pre Lesson: How to create your own eurythmy practice
  2. IntroductionHow to occupy space
  3. Moving Straight Lines in All Directions: Opening to space in all directions
  4. Moving Geometric FormsTriangles and Six-pointed Stars
  5. Moving the PentagramThe Sacred Human Form
  6. Moving Curves and CirclesBending Space
  7. Moving WavesBecoming fluid in the whole body
  8. Moving LemniscatesThe Sign of Infinity
  9. Moving SpiralsThe Journey to the Center
  10. Moving Straight Lines and Curves in Combination: Challenges in Mindful Movement
  11. Practice Sequence 3 and Partner ExercisesPutting it all together

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