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Become a really good homeschooling eurythmy parent by working on your own personal practice! These exercises are things for you to do at home, so you can be a good role model for your children's movements!

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Parents of homeschooled children do some of the most intensive work on the planet! This exercise sequence offers some of the most health-bringing exercises from the eurythmy curriculum, to support your health everyday.

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Homeschooling Intro

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This is a list of the included lessons for this course.

    • Lesson 1. Introduction to the Eurythmy Homeschooling Project:
    • Lesson 2. Creating your Eurythmy Practice:
    • Lesson 3. Basic Guidelines:
    • Lesson 4. Discovering the Laws of Etheric Movement:
    • Lesson 5. Eurythmical (Threefold) Walking:
    • Lesson 6. Moving A Pentagram:
    • Lesson 7. Contraction/Expansion:
    • Lesson 8. I Think Speech:
    • Lesson 9. The Peace Exercise:
    • Lesson 10. Halleluiah:


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