Immune Support Sequence

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5 exercises to strengthen your resilience

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This sequence includes a special series of 5 eurythmy soul exercises, recommended by Rudolf Steiner to be used widely in the face of a wide-spread flu outbreak. In the process of pouring enlightened, archetypal feeling into our movements, we cultivate and strengthen our relationship to the body.

Many people in contemporary life feel a lack of health and vitality. This may well be due to external factors, including environmental problems, exposures to emf’s, poor nutrition, and the like. Equally significant are the inner factors, including poor personal habits, lack of drive, consumerism and addictions, loss of ideals, and a feeling of being disconnected to meaning and purpose in life.

The sources of true health continue to be accessible as spiritual archetypes, the powers which have made our body, soul and spirit. We were all created to be spiritually healthy, and we can always access the tools to sustain reach back to the sources of our health.

This special series of exercises was recommended by Rudolf Steiner to support the entire immune system, by addressing it true cause: strengthening the relationship of the Self to the body. Nothing is more important that this inner certainty for our feeling of health and well-being.

Included Lessons

  1. Immune Support Introduction
  2. How to Create Your Own Practice
  3. Foot Exercises
  4. Love-Ā
  5. Ah-Reverence
  6. Hope-U
  7. Entire Sequence

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