The Heart of Eurythmy: Part 1- The Vowels

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Vowels as Language of the Soul. Nine exercises

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The Heart of Eurythmy: Visible Speech –Discovering the Sacred Power of Language

Eurythmy leaps beyond all other movement practices by embodying the sacred power of the word. In this most modern of all movement arts, in eurythmy the soul speaks and sings through the body. The gestures of eurythmy are drawn directly from the forces of language and music.

To understand the Cosmic Creative Word means to understand what we are as human beings. To dive into the world of language and discover the inherent spiritual power, gesture and consciousness of each one means to awaken in yourself deeply slumbering archetypes that have made your body, soul and spirit. To move the sounds of language with your whole body in eurythmy means to engage in the resurrection of the word.

Vowels are truly the language of the soul, and each of the vowels expresses one of the pure, archetypal human feelings. An exploration of the vowels can open up a whole treasure box of experiences for us.

For many people, the feeling life is turbulent: for others it is flattened and dull. When we learn to feel deeply the power of each of the different vowels, it is as if we meet the blessing fairy godmothers whom we heard about in children’s stories, each of which gave one gift to the small child.

Each of the vowels has a special correspondence to one of the planets. The fairy godmothers are also the gods or goddesses of the planets who have given to the human being mythological soul archetypes. Essentially, they tell the great story of humanity, who has evolved from innocence through pain to self-conscious individuation, rising to love, from which the fruits of our biography can be offered back to our Creator, on a dearer and higher level.

Visible Speech may be taken alone, or can serve as a second fundamental stepping stone in developing your own Personal Eurythmy Practice. It is recommended, however, that students complete the first three modules before moving on to Visible Speech. Sign up for all courses in the Full Curriculum Series.

Included Lessons

  1. Pre Lesson: How to create your own eurythmy practice
  2. IntroductionEurythmy as Visible Speech
  3. The Seven Primary VowelsArchetypes of the Soul
  4. A (ah)The Vowel of Wonder
  5. ĀThe Vowel of Separation
  6. ĒThe Vowel of Balance
  7. OThe Vowel of Love
  8. U (oo)The Vowel of Roots and Grounding
  9. Au (ow)The Vowel of Reverence
  10. AiThe Vowel of Change
  11. Seven Vowels on a StarA Planetary Sequence

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