The Heart of Eurythmy: Part 2 – The Consonants

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Hidden Sculptors of the World

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The consonants dance with the sculptural forces that shaped creation.

When we speak the consonants, we mold our exhaled air by the manifold miniature muscles and structures of the palate, tongue, teeth and lips, shaping them with explosive, liquid, round or sibilant gesture. We use these sparkling sounds to describe mountains and rivers and stars, to all the things of nature and all the things we have made.

Each of the 12 signs of the zodiac is home to one or more of the primary consonants. The sculptural forces that we find in the consonants have likewise formed the shape of our body, the temple for our spirit. The same will and wisdom and movement found in the universe around us live within us as well.

We begin our study of the consonants by looking at them in a sequence known as the Evolution Sequence. Through this arrangement of the consonants, we can imagine a story that begins with the beginning of a person’s life and unfolds until his or her death. The first twelve lessons will thus unfold a consonant pilgrimage for you. At the end of each consonant essay, you will find a form to practice the sequence as it develops, adding one sound with each lesson so that by the 12th lesson you have a form for the journey from B to T.

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