Join us for the Summer of Eurythmy

Cynthia Hoven will be traveling this summer so webinars will be on hold until fall.
In the meantime, we have a special summer offer for you!

Access all 56 Pre-Recorded Eurythmy Lessons for the next 3 months

This will give you summer access to all 56 pre-recorded lessons of the eurythmyonline curriculum with their accompanying pdf’s, including:

  • Eurythmy for Health and Healing
  • Basic Warm-up Exercises
  • Geometric Forms
  • Seven Vowels
  • 18 Consonants.

These lessons are being offered so you can deepen and refresh all that you have learned in the 2020-2021 webinars!

The normal cost for these lessons is $1299 for lifetime access.
Cynthia is offering a 3-month membership on a sliding scale.

$100 -$300

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