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About "A Sequence to Open to the Spirit"

Dear Cynthia,

I am so thankful for your work–the online module is absolutely wonderful and I have included it in my daily practice each morning. And the newsletters, like this one, are so beautiful! You are totally redeeming the use of the internet and computers, tools that are often abused, but, with the proper consciousness can be made spirit-illumining and meaningful. Thank you!

I now have the money to finish my payment for the module–I appreciate the opportunity! How should I proceed? In another month, I want to take on a new module–do you have a suggestion for what the next should be for me? Also, I am now getting a higher salary, as I’m taking on more responsibility here at Spikenard, so I should be able to pay in full for the next set of exercises.

Bless your heart, and take care. I hope this message finds you well.

With love,