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Eurythmy for Health and Harmony

Dear Cynthia,
Thank you so much for the blessings I received in your eurythmy workshop during this past weekend at the Anthroposophical General Mtg. at RSC.
The eurythmy movements you taught us touched me deeply. I decided to order the Blessing for the World exercises so I can practice at home. What a gift that will be! Thank you more than words can convey (perhaps eurythmy will convey it better).

Blessings in your new endeavor and may your sharings of eurythmy touch many people in many places on the earth. Healing will happen one person at a time through your love & gifts & sharings.

Here is a blessing that has been used for years at my annual Red Tent (name drawn from the book “The Red Tent”) Women’s Retreat-
We use a sage smudging blessing as we bless each other with these words.
And so now I bless you too-
“May love and light surround you
May love and light fill you from within
And may love and light connect you to others.”

I truly feel that this is happening within and around you too!

Blessings be,