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The Eurythmists

The people you see in these videos are all eurythmy students who have worked with Cynthia in her classes and workshops.


Anthony De Angelo  has been active in the performing arts of music, theater and dance for over ten years.* Learn more  He began his studies at Rudolf Steiner College in 2008, and earned his Waldorf Teacher Training certificate there. He has also dedicated a year of his life to working in the beautiful Biodynamic Garden at Rudolf Steiner College, founded and run by Cynthia’s husband Harald Hoven. hear his interview here


Kimberly Pace, a native Californian, met eurythmy at Rudolf Steiner College, where she earned her degree in Early Childhood Education in 2014. hear her interview here


Wu Dan, also known as Veronica Wu—is a native of Chengdu, China.*Learn More She holds a degree in economics from the prestigious Tsinghua University in Beijing. Interest in Waldorf Education is growing rapidly in China, and Veronica came to Rudolf Steiner College in 2013 to earn a degree in Waldorf  teaching in the United States. Here she met Eurythmy for the first time, and experienced its inspirational and graceful power. hear her interview here, also in Mandarin


Andrea Schofield is as a professional eurythmist, both with Cynthia Hoven for 2 years and with Andrea and Marcus Weder and the Im-Pulse Eurythmy Training for 3 years. She  has been doing eurythmy since her childhood years in Waldorf schools. hear her interview here