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Vowels, Colors and Qualities of the Planets in Eurythmy

Eurythmy Webinar Series

Vowels, Colors and Qualities of the Planets in Eurythmy

(Tue)Apr 26 - Jun 7  8:15-9:15 AM PST

As human beings, we are microcosmic members of the macrocosmic universe. The beings, the stars, and the planets that surround the earth have created and shaped the world we live in. In our body, our soul and our spirit we find them once again, as living forces of love and wisdom. Eurythmy offers a powerful path for us to awaken and draw upon these cosmic forces of health and healing.

Whether you are just beginning your eurythmy journey or have already learned these elements before, this will be a rich and deep study to help you build your own Personal Eurythmy Practice.

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Recommended amount: $5-$20/class: or $10-$30 for people who watch the recordings to cover extra administrative costs.

Pre-Requisites: None, Beginner Friendly


(suggested donation: $5-$20/session)

Future Topics
Starting in the fall of 2022, I will return to the basics, with deep dives into warm-up exericses, rods exercises, and all of the vowels and consonants in eurythmy. This will be suitable for everyone, beginners and advance students alike!

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8:15 am ( PST )

Spiritual Lecture Series in Anthroposophy

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