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Our Journey of Becoming: Life, Death and Rebirth

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Explore the Journey of Death and Rebirth through Eurythmy

(Tue) Jan 11 - Feb 8  8:15-9:15 AM PST

The human spirit is engaged in a long journey of becoming, in which we live in rhythmical alternation between our em-bodied lifetimes on the earth and our sojourn after death to our source, the world of pure spirit. In each step, our ability to be aware and to be active depends solely on the level of consciousness we have evolved.

  • Build Forces of Immunity
  • Feel More Grounded & Confident
  • Reduce Stress, Anxiety, & Insomnia
  • Create Balance with Ourselves and Others
  • Cultivate a practice of peace and blessing

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Recommended amount: $5-$20/class: or $10-$30 for people who watch the recordings to cover extra administrative costs.

Pre-Requisites: None, Beginner Friendly


(suggested donation: $5-$20/session)

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Celebrate our Love for the Earth through Eurythmy

(March 1 - 29)

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8:15 am ( PST )

Spiritual Lecture Series in Anthroposophy

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