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Moving eurythmy
Heaven and earth within me
I am whole

Webinars on hold until Fall

Cynthia Hoven will be traveling this summer and not offering new webinars.
Eurythmy Online webinars will begin again in the fall, with Beginner classes, Advanced Classes, and Webinars. 

In the meantime, we have a special summer offer for you!

Cynthia is offering a 3-month Summer Membership for all the Curriculum Lessons on the Eurythmyonline website.

Upcoming Webinar Offerings 2021-2022

  • A 9-month program of weekly 75-minute webinars covering all the basic elements of eurythmy
  • Advanced classes of Calendar of the Soul verses and other seasonal poems for the solstice and equinox
  • Review lessons for your Health and Well-Being
  • Eurythmy to help with Technology Overload (co-sponsored by Mystech)
  • Selected short courses for your health needs (such as: immune support, memory,decision)

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