Deepen Your Connection to Yourself and Spirit with a Personal Eurythmy Practice

Learn to embody the qualities of the planets and constellations, language and color, meaning and feeling through eurythmy. This experience brings health, confidence, and purpose to your life.

We may be clever, but are we loving?

We may be successful, but are we in touch with our spiritual source?

Eurythmy Provides a Spiritual Solution

In our age, everyone suffers under the pressure of intellectualism.

Based on the work of Rudolph Steiner, eurythmy is a modern path of mindful movement. Born out of a profound understanding of the relationship between body, soul, and spirit. 

Eurythmy brings harmony by balancing your physical body with your life body with your soul forces and aligning them with your soul and spirit.

In eurythmy, we truly become Human Beings. Eurythmy is a beautiful, unique spiritual-physical practice that brings us into the heart of Anthroposophy, into the heart of our selves. We overcome the cold, hardening forces of consumerism and intellectuality, and unite body, soul and spirit into a beautiful harmony.

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What's Included in the All Access Annual Pass?

The annual pass provides full access to all recorded content that I create.


Personal Practice Exercises

I offer over 50 beautiful lessons that each teach essential eurythmy elements. Choose from warmup exercises, rod exercises, all vowels and consonants, and healing exercises.


Homeschooling Instruction

Parents often ask for instructions in how to teach a modest amount of eurythmy to their homeschooled children. Here are videos that show age-appropriate eurythmy lessons for your children.


Previous Live Eurythmy Webinars

Choose from my library of mutiple-session recorded eurythmy webinar series, all have been built around inspirational themes for spiritual growth or for health and healing. These collections offer gentle, centered and supportive journeys to guide you in your own practice.


Past Anthroposophy Lectures

Building on decades of teaching, I offer gentle, profound and clear lectures on deep topics of Anthroposophy, with the hope that they will inspire your spiritual journey.

About Your Teacher,
(Cynthia Hoven)

Hi, I’m Cynthia. I have spent decades teaching Eurythmy and Studies in Anthroposophy to thousands of people around the world. In addition to decades of teaching as Rudolf Steiner College, I have worked as a eurythmy performer, trainer, therapist and workshop leader, and have been a pioneer in developing online online curriculum.

My goal as a eurythmy teacher is to enable everyone, everywhere to have a clear and inspired path to be able to build their own Personal Eurythmy Practice at home, drawing upon it for health and well-being in all aspects of life.

As a lecturer, I bring the spiritual teachings of Anthroposophy in warm, clear and articulate language, to bring inspiration to people around the world.

Here’s what people are saying about Cynthia

C. from Colorado

Clear Explanations

I have heard many teachers of anthroposophy, but no one explains things as clearly as you do.

H. from South Africa

Learning to Move and Breath

I send you so much appreciation for your anthroposophical endeavors and guidance for helping us all learn to move, to breath, to celebrate, to learn so much through eurythmy.

C. from Maine

A Gift to the World

What a gift to the world!  You give voice ever so eloquently to the depth, beauty, seriousness and potentialities of our time.  I am moved and grateful for this work being made available to so many.

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