Recording Collections

Foundational Lessons

Free Lessons
Sample the courses with these FREE lessons, my gift to everyone interested in eurythmy
14 lessons
Warm-Up Exercises
Six foundational centering, grounding, and harmonizing exercises to get you started in your personal eurythmy practice.
9 lessons
Copper Rod Exercises
Seven rod exercises to develop agility and grounding
11 lessons
Spatial Exercises
Eight exercises to develop awareness of how we occupy space with etheric movements.
12 lessons
The Vowels
Vowels as language of the Soul
12 lessons
The Consonants
Consonants as formative forces
32 lessons
Health and Well-Being
Learn how vowel and consonant exercises can be fine-tuned to create health-supporting practices
7 lessons
Blessing for Self and World
Essential exercises to bring health, peace and harmony to yourself and the world. Includes “Halleluiah
7 lessons
Balance the Heart Rhythms
For heart chakra imbalance, blood pressure issues, stress
5 lessons
Overcome Stress and Sleep Better
Especially for those who are stressed and those who have a hard time falling asleep.
9 lessons
Strengthen Metabolism and Create Grounding
Created for those with weak digestion or not well-grounded.
5 lessons
Immune Support
Exercises for our time: strengthen your immune system!
9 lessons