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Archive for January, 2015

Eurythmy and the New Star Wisdom

“I was born of the shining of distant stars,
I drew their beams with me from afar…….”

The New Star Wisdom and Eurythmy
In my public eurythmy classes this month, we are exploring the relationship between the human being (the microcosm) and the starry world (the macrocosm).

    Before birth and after death, we live in a body-free state, as a spiritual being amongst other beings. We dwell “in the stars,” in a condition of being that is free of matter, but still imperfect in consciousness. We return to earth again and again to grow towards freedom, towards spiritual maturity.
    In the body-free state, we live amongst the planets and constellations in their body-free reality. When we are born, however, we see them as points of light and imagine them to be only balls of gas in the sky. We forget their great majesty and radiances.
    Yet our understanding is incomplete if we think of the constellations and planets as only physical objects in the sky. Indeed, they are the homes of mighty spiritual beings, heavenly hierarchies, most of them more ancient and far more lofty than we. Since the beginning of time, since the most ancient of days, they have spoken and sung the Word of God into the stream of time and space, creating heaven and earth as they do so. If we wish to find our way “back home” through spiritual studies, the wisdom of the stars will illuminate our way.
   In eurythmy we can draw closer to understanding the stars by learning how they “speak” through the sounds of language. The constellations, the “fixed stars,” are the architects of form. Each of the constellations sends its forces to earth through the power of one of the consonants. In nature, the working of consonants can be found in the shapes of objects: crystals and trees, butterflies and clouds. In us, the consonants have shaped the sacred forms of our body.
   The planets, the “wandering stars,” are in ceaseless movement. Working through the vowels, their effects are experienced in the human being through our organs and in our personalities.
   This picture from the medieval text “The Book of Hours” show how there was an understanding of our relationship to the stars even in ancient times.
  Through eurythmy, our understanding goes even further.    
       Thus: Aries has formed the head through the power of “V.

    Taurus has formed the throat through the power of “R.”
    Gemini has formed our bilateral symmetry through the “H.”
    Cancer has formed our ribcage through the power of “F.”
    Leo has formed the heart through the power of “T” and “D.”
    Virgo has formed the digestive organs through “B” andP.”
    Libra has formed the pelvis (hips) through “Ts.”
    Scorpio has formed the reproductive organs through “S.”
    Sagittarius has formed the thighs through “G” and “K.”
    Capricorn has formed the knees and joints through “L.”
    Aquarius has formed the lower legs through “M.”
    Pisces has formed the feet through “N.”
    Of course, merely charting these correspondences does no more than scratch the surface of our understanding. But by learning the eurythmical gesture for each constellation in eurythmy and how it evolves into the corresponding consonants, we awaken deep somatic experiences of who we are as human beings. Through this, we begin to understand the deepest mysteries of creation, namely, how to understand ourselves and the universe as the holy word of creation. We enter into new paths of understanding of our connection to the forces of nature, and how to use the spiritual correspondences for health and healing. We learn to honor the temple of the body, in which we dwell for the decades of our life on earth.
   In our eurythmy classes we are plunging into rich studies of these formative forces. If you would like to learn more, please contact me!

Activate your participation in the eurythmyonline project, by posting your questions and comments on the forum page,  I love hearing from you, and you can share your experiences and questions with other users.


Growing the Eurythmy Online Community

Happy New Year to all of you!

It has been only three months since I launched this bold and inspirational site, and I have watched it grow with joy and excitement. Granted, this has not grown into a viral movement, but it is growing slowly, steadily and organically, and I am deeply touched to think of dozens of people around the world who are now able to do eurythmy in their personal lives.

Some of the feedback that pleases me the most comes from people who say that they have long wanted to do eurythmy at home after having done a workshop, but couldn’t quite remember how to do things when they got home. Now they feel empowered to do so.

Others write to tell me that they have used the eurythmy exercises to feel better, to sleep well, to ground themselves, or even to help recover from surgery! Nothing could make me happier.

More tricky have been the people who have asked me if this work can serve as a training or give them some kind of certification. To them I have had to say that that has never been my intention. There is really no substitution for having a live class or working with other people, and I simply can’t provide that experience with these online classes. I am, however, deeply happy to give you whatever tools I can so that you can do eurythmy in your own personal lives, and I hope you will find an opportunity to find a live teacher near you, travel to work with me here in California or wherever else I teach, or invite me to your community and host a workshop. I would love to come!

I recently became aware of the fact that there are quite a few more people signed up as “users” on the website than are receiving my periodic newsletters. My web technician and I realize that we didn’t interface the users with the newsletter adequately and some of you who are users aren’t being appropriately welcomed or kept in the “loop.”

With this mailing, we have now integrated all users with the newsletter. If you would NOT like to receive the newsletter, please feel free to opt out now! Just send me an email at, and you will be off by the end of the day!

On the other hand, if you have been a user, but haven’t received the newsletters, here are your links to the articles I have written this fall: Have a look: I have written about eurythmy trainings, about my experiences launching this website, about gratitude and sacred Christmas, and several more!

I also want to make all of you aware of our COMMUNITY PAGE. I would love to invite you to begin to use this page as a forum so you can post questions to me and each other about your experiences and what you would like to do with eurythmy. Those of you who have signed up for the whole curriculum will also have begun to use the journal pages that I include in your curriculum: these are leading questions that help you reflect on how you are growing as you do your exercises. Please feel free to expand upon these on the community page.

You may also have requests for me to create other course offerings for you. Please let me know on that page as well.

I also want you to know that I have created winter discounts on some of my favorite “special sequences.” These are the most beautiful exercise sequences that I have assembled, and I would love for as many people as possible to be able to use them in their personal lives.

And finally: if the prices I ask for these courses are too high or too low for you, please take a look at my article on the “gift economy.” I am always willing to enter courageously into the community of new and free financial exchanges with people who want to begin living in the new economy.