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Archive for March, 2017

Living in our age

I hold that every human being bears within him or herself the seeds of the divine. All of creation is waiting for us to awaken to this realization.  The differences that stem from being born into different nationalities, races, or creeds are only garments that determine how an individual biography unfolds. Yet each person is brother-sister to me, and it is my spiritual obligation to support their unfolding journey towards love in freedom.

            Although as a young person I lived through the tumult of the Civil Rights movement and the Vietnam War, it seem to me that these times are among the most chaotic I have ever experienced.  And yet, as difficult as chaos is, it brings with it not only danger but also opportunity. I fervently hope that we human beings can evolve through this passage of history with wisdom and compassion.
      At every point in history, it is vital that we learn to look below the surface to develop the understanding of what is really at stake, no matter where we may stand on the political spectrum. Here we must ask the questions of what the meaning and purpose of human life really is. Why do we find ourselves here on the earth, in bodies? What is the meaning of suffering, of privilege? And how can we be in right relationship to the worlds of nature, to our fellow human beings, and to whatever spiritual beings we can divine?  The way we conduct ourselves in the web of interconnectedness depends fully on how we value human life.
       Are we merely material beings? If so, then we are no more than machines.
   Are we automated, programmable? Then we are manipulate-able, gullible, disposable consumers.
     Are our thinking and feelings mere neuro-chemical phenomena? Then the content of our personality can be only a physiological illusion.
       Are we in fact animals, perhaps higher primates? Then we are at the mercy of our instincts and desires, unpredictable forces that lead us to fight one another for sex, territory and power. 
      But might we perhaps be spiritual beings? Then we have unlimited potential for love, wisdom, and goodness.
        Or: are we perhaps all of these?
       I hold that the human being is a miraculous creature. We are spiritual beings, and we wear our personalities, our thoughts, our habits and our living bodies like garments.
      Before birth, we lived in a non-spatial dimension, immersed in the great sphere of spirit. In that state, we were not yet spiritually awake or creative, but rather harmoniously and unconsciously obedient to the will of the Creator.
        At the moment of our birth each one of us slipped out of that divine sleep-state, and, as a magnificent spiritual human being, entered into the tiny body that holds us for the duration of our life. There, we soon forgot where we came from, as we began to learn how to navigate inside this little body in the fixed laws of the material world.
     It is our challenge to remember or rediscover our spiritual nature in this world of matter.
      Until we remember, we are prisoners in this world of matter, dreaming that we are awake but without any real power. We can be manipulated by our feelings and our desires, our thinking operates only on the level of brain physiology and is subject to great error. However great our spiritual longing might be, we are  essentially dead to the creative-spiritual world.
        We can only escape this kind of spiritual death by awakening. We must we willing to challenge our own thinking, feeling and willing. We must learn to observe our errors and courageously correct them. We must discover the power of the inner I-Am, the self within the self. Out of that center, we can create truly meaningful values.  We learn that the real purpose of life is to become creative. And the real responsibility we feel is the commitment to be of service. We soon learn that knowledge of higher worlds is worthless if we are not expressing our spiritual self through deeds of loving kindness.
        Thus the great teachers of humanity have shown us how to overcome the “death” of matter by learning to practice non-attachment and loving service to all of mankind and to the earth.
        In this, we learn that the true goal of humanity is to develop Love in Freedom.

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