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Archive for October, 2017

Learning to think with the Heart: the Vowel Sound I (ee)

We human beings need to have strong hearts to be centered, creative and loving.

There is much that is testing humanity in these times.

There is unrest in our country, with an emergence of violence and bigotry that we thought we had evolved beyond.

There is unrest in the natural world, which has manifested in the immense disasters of earth, water, air and fire this summer.

There is unrest in the human heart, which suffers with all the pains of the earth and of humanity.

Where do we find the sources of strength that we need in these times?

In our meditative practices we can find the strength to center ourselves. Through mindful breathing, we can calm ourselves and become fully present. Continuing, we can go beyond this, through mindful awareness, to experience our Selves as spirit beings, grounded in these four elements in our day-waking lives, but also able to access non-physical realms, beyond the input of our normal sensory input.

In our eurythmy practice, we can bring the experience of this Spirit Self through gesture. We begin by invoking this awareness of our Self as Spirit, and then center its glow in our heart. From there, we let it stream into our whole body in streaming etheric-physical movement..

The right archetype for the healthy, conscious heart lives in the sound EE. When spoken, the sound itself vibrates like a strong, clear beam of light. We can imagine it as an infinite long light line. To make this visible in Eurythmy movement, we must let this line of light shine right through our body, for the EE is the archetype of our human uprightness. Through the power of the EE, we have been given the strength to connect heaven and earth. We carry the gift of the EE through the fact that our spine lives in the vertical plane.

To create the EE in eurythmy: begin by centering your self-awareness in your heart. Find in yourself the “inner door” to the sources of love, which feels as a warm glowing light. Let this spirit light shine through you, connecting you both to the heights of heaven and to the depths below us. See lines stretching in both directions, and then em-body the EE in movement, stretching one arm in each direction while feeling the power of the heart grow strong enough to hold the extremes in love.

Through practicing this EE again and again, there will awaken in you a new self-awareness. You will find that you carry your body in a new way, even through the vicissitudes of life. You will stand more upright, because you know that you carry heaven in yourself. You will be able to hold your heart open, because you have learned to em-body the sources of love. You will have the courage to be fully present, with eyes wide open, because you are aware that you are, at every moment, spanned between heaven and earth.

Indeed, we humans are multi-dimensional beings, and everything depends upon what sources we draw upon.

Head-thinking no longer suffices to give us truth. It is true that clear thinking is essential for us to be able to access reality. However, the light of thinking alone can be a cold, hard light.

In our age, we are called upon to cultivate heart-thinking. The inner door of the heart opens not only to this world, but also to another dimension, to the divine sources of warmth and love. When the heart experiences truth, it glows with love, and knows that its only purpose is to share this true love with the world.

When the warmth of the heart and the light of the head find their right relationship, we humans will find a way to stand rightly in the world. Through the warmth of our enlightened hearts, we will be able to do the right good deeds in the world.

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