EurythmyAlive Curriculum

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A New Certificate Course in

Eurythmy and Anthroposophy as Life Practices

A Series of IntensiveWorkshop Modules with Cynthia Hoven

Seven Modules—-5 Days Each—–1-3 years

Eurythmy Alive a series of modular workshops to bring the enlivening gifts of eurythmy and anthroposophy in a new and fresh way. Thousands of people have felt the magic of eurythmy, but are unable to take a full, four-year training. These workshops will offer a non-professional course to people who want to go deeper without becoming professional eurythmists.

Over the course of one to three years, Cynthia will offer a series of seven 5-day workshops modules that will build upon each other. Participants are encouraged to attend all seven courses, because the exercises that are developed in each module will be increasingly difficult, so that earnest students can truly develop their eurythmy skills. Those who attend all seven courses and practice diligently at home in between classes will receive a certificate of completion.* Gifted students may be recognized as capable of sharing in small circles with family and friends, as part of a new movement to expand eurythmy into general community life.


*This certificate is no substitute for a full training, and does not certify students to charge money for their work, nor to teach children or do therapy.

All courses will consist of 4.5 hours of eurythmy each day, plus one lecture on the workshop theme, concentration exercises, and conversation.

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The Eurythmy Curriculum:

What you’ll learn

  • Social exercises: Learning to move as a group
  • Eurythmy with balls, Learning to be aware of others while you move, Coordinating geometrical forms with others, Coordinating poetry and music forms with others
  • Warm-up Exercises:
  • The 3 dimensions of space, Standing and posture development, Threefold (eurythmical) Walking—in different speeds, Contraction and expansion, The 7 basic rod exercises
  • The Heart of Eurythmy: Sounds of Language
  • The 7 primary vowels, Diphthongs, long vowels and short vowels, Over 22 primary consonants
  • Eurythmy as Living Poetry
  • In each module, 3 new poems will be learned
  • Sacred Eurythmy
  • Halleluiah, IAO, TIAOAIT
  • Eurythmy for Health and Healing
  • Eurythmy exercises that can support your energetic and emotional health
  • Cosmic Archetypes
  • The seven planets and the vowels, The twelve constellations and the consonants
  • Colors and eurythmy gestures
  • Colors as gesture and movement quality in eurythmy

Languages and eurythmy

  • Each language can be moved in a different way. Explore at least two different languages, their sounds and qualities
  • The human soul and eurythmy
  • Thinking, feeling and willing forms
  • Rhythms and eurythmy
  • The role of rhythms as cosmic-earthly archetypes, The archetypal rhythms in movement: rising rhythms, falling rhythms, balanced rhythms
  • The Human Being and Music
  • An Introduction to the basic musical elements in eurythmy: Beat, Rhythm, Pitch, Tones, Intervals and Melody

Adjunct Topics

Your other Artistic Courses

  • Speech formation
  • Drawing from the book of nature
  • Painting
  • Form Drawing
  • Singing

Anthroposophical Studies

A Different Topic each Session

  • The Nature of the Human Being: Body, Soul and Spirit
  • The Four-fold Human Being: Physical, Etheric, Astral, I-Am
  • Nature Observation
  • Phases of Life: the Seven-year Cycles and Personal Biography
  • Cosmic Evolution: Finding our place in Time and Space
  • Life before Birth and after Death, and the Meaning of Karma
  • Epistemology: the Philosophy of Spiritual Activity and Living ThinkiThe Mo

The Modules*

*Subject to Change in Accordance with the Needs of Students

 Module Number 1:The Human Being between Heaven and earth

            Eurythmy Topics:

  • Social exercises
  • Contraction/expansion
  • Walking
  • Geometric forms
  • 7 vowels
  • 3 Poems
  • Auftakt

            Lecture and discussion topics

  • The spiritual meaning of eurythmy
  • Spiritual traditions of different cultures: East and West
  • The 7 fold human being
  • Looking up, looking down, looking within
  • Inner work, outer deeds
  • Concentration exercises

Module Number 2: The Human Being and the natural world

            Eurythmy Topics:

  • All the above plus:
  • Rod exercises
  • Consonants, evolution series
  • Auftakts (group forms)
  • 3 Poems

            Lecture and discussion topics

  • Nature observation
  • The kingdoms of nature
  • Contemplation
  • Drawing nature

Module Number 3: The Human Being and the Soul World Part 1

            Eurythmy Topics:

  • All the above plus:
  • Geometric forms, straight lines and curves
  • Look into yourself, look into the world
  • 2 Poems
  • Music

            Lecture and discussion topics

  • Communication skills
  • Biography part 1: Life Cycles
  • Speech

Module Number 4: The Human Being and Soul World Part 2

            Eurythmy Topics

  • All the above plus:
  • Thinking, feeling and willing

            Lecture and Discussion topics

  • Communication skills
  • Child Development
  • Biography/Fairy Tales
  • Speech or Painting

Module Number 5: Cosmic Evolutions—Finding meaning in Existence

            Eurythmy topics

  • All the above plus:
  • The Healing Nature of Eurythmy

            Lecture and Discussion Topics

  • Cosmic Evolution
  • The Cosmic-Creative Word
  • Life before Birth and after Death
  • Speech

Module Number 6: The Human Being and Consciousness: How do we know?

            Eurythmy Topics

  • All the above plus:
  • Poems and music

            Lecture and Discussion Topics

  • The Spiritual meaning of eurythmy, part 2
  • Philosophy of Freedom

Module Number 7:The Human Being and the Universe

            Eurythmy Topics

  • All the above plus:
  • Planets and constellations
  • Performance

            Lecture and Discussion Topics

  • The Philosophy of Freedom
  • Living thinking

Why eurythmy?

Because in eurythmy, we truly become Human Beings. Eurythmy is

a beautiful, unique spiritual-physical practice that brings us into the heart of Anthroposophy, into the heart of our selves. We overcome the cold, hardening forces of consumerism and intellectuality, and unite body, soul and spirit into a beautiful harmony.

In our age, everyone suffers under the pressure of intellectualism. We may be clever, but are we loving? We may be successful, but are we in touch with our spiritual source? Anthroposophy, Spiritual Science, is a modern and active way of learning to bring cosmic light and warmth into our thinking, feeling and willing. This involves personal examination, dedication, practice and work, because our powerful spiritual core lies sleeping within us, and we ourselves must do the work of awakening it. But through this journey, we discover the true joy of being alive, of being human.

With the study of anthroposophical lectures, we transform our thinking, entering into a new relationship to heaven, earth and our social life.

Yet all thinking can have the potential of remaining cold and abstract if it does not become alive! We must learn how to overcome “automatic” or “dead” thinking, so we can connect our mental activity with warmth of heart.

In creating the new art of Eurythmy, Rudolf Steiner gave us tools to become fully present and active, not only in our minds and feelings, but all the way into our bodies! In Eurythmy, our Soul-Spirit overcomes the robot-like habits of modern life. Every thought, every feeling, every gesture, every step in eurythmy is developed not according to earthly laws, but in harmony with the divine-cosmic archetypes out of which we are born and which make us truly human.

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