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Eurythmy Online - AU (ow): The Vowel of Reverence

50% Eurythmyonline discounts with code: lightcorona
True forces of healing are found in the dimensions that are above our our physical plane. Eurythmy can access these fields, connecting us with the archetypal human Self, the Spiritual Ego. By learning to fill ourselves with the spiritual-physical archetypes of cosmos and earth through Eurythmy, we carry in ourselves the power to strengthen our blood, our breath, our lungs and our heart. Practicing eurythmy, we learn to our etheric bodies, even as we face down fear with our courage, and diminish stress with our strength.





I am offering 50% discounts on some of the most important lessons in the eurythmy curriculum at
Choose your lesson and enter the code lightcorona at checkout to access the discounts on these beautiful lessons:


1.  The entire online curriculum: 
      Over 52 lessons to create a full practice
                        Normally $1299, now $650

 2.  Basic warmup exercises    
     Includes threefold walking, contraction/expansion, the Peace Exercise, and more
                        Normally $149, now $75

3.  Eurythmy for Health and Well-Being
     Includes the three beautiful Soul Exercises “Ah-reverence, Hope-U and Love-E,”
     Halleluiah, and more

                        Normally $149, now $75

4.  A Sequence for Deep Grounding
     Includes Contraction/Expansion and also Hope-U, the primary exercise for strengthening the breathing process and overcoming fear, and more 
                       Normally $149, now $75

5.  A Sequence to Open to the Spirit
     Contains Contraction/Expansion, B for self-protection, and A-Reverence for strengthening your access to spiritual resources and overcome stress
                       Normally $149, now $75

6.  A Sequence for a Peaceful Heart
      Includes Contraction/Expansion and Love-E, to gentle the anxiety of your heart, and more  
                        Normally $149, now $75

7.  Finally, as an offering to the affected families, the entire Eurythmy for Homeschool families will also be discounted.
      Purchase and receive access to pre-kindergarten through high school plus eurythmy for the home schooling parent.
            Normally $145, now $75

I am also available to do online counseling and consultation. You can make an appointment by contacting me at

Eurythmy has a unique contribution to offer during these wild and challenging times we live in now. Take hold of your own journey!


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