New Year’s Eve 2015

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During the Holy Nights of the 12 Days of Christmas, we can cultivate an especially close relationship to the spiritual world.

Each night when we sleep, our higher bodies—the ego and the astral body—slip out of the sleeping physical and etheric bodies and expand into the spiritual realms, which are their true home. From there, our higher selves can reflect on what we have experienced on the earth, and from this higher perspective we can align ourselves with intentions for how to live the day to come. And from these starry realms, we draw strength and healing for the physical and etheric bodies with which we re-unite upon awakening.

In these twelve holy days and nights, the heavenly worlds are especially open to us. Our sleep is deeper, and our dreams more profound. This is the time to go “fishing” in the spiritual world for inspiration and insights into the new year.

There are many living traditions associated with these holy nights. As the twelve nights correspond to the twelve signs of the zodiac, so, it is said, the weather on the twelve days give a pre-vision of the weather to be had in the twelve months to come.

On an more personal and more intimate level, the dreams that we have in these nights may give us an indication of the events of life we will meet in the year to come. Many people choose to work vigorously on their dream journals in these days, to be in touch with the guidance that they may be given at night.


The New Year’s celebration marks the half-way point in the 12 Days of Christmas. Now we can discern a very palpable shift in the energy of the season. The quiet intimacy of Christmas Eve begins to fade, as we prepare to step into the new year and what it will bring.

In these days we can invite our dreams to turn towards our intentions for the year to come.

This is the time to give birth to our intentions for what is to come. Over the course of the next 6 days, from now until January 5th, you can work meditatively with the question of how you want to shape your life in the year to come.

Perhaps you can choose to focus on one higher value, one special purpose.

What might it be? Integrity? Commitment? Focus? Joy? Abundance? Presence?

As I consider the needs of our planet, I am acutely aware of how much we need human beings who are conscious, committed and awake. Let us, as individuals and together, cultivate love, seek for clarity of thought, and work vigorously for the betterment of our world.

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