The Journey through Holy Week and the Planetary Archetypes

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          In this season of the Covid-19 quarantine, it seems we have all wrapped ourselves into our own, individual cocoons. We have withdrawn into our interiors, there to face profound existential questions.

            There has been no time like this in my lifetime, in which the natural world has mandated us to slow down, stop, and face the question of our own mortality. The challenge here is not like 9/11, not a nuclear war, not even—yet—ecological disaster. This challenge is more intimate, slow and quiet. Each of us has to face the stark reality of our own interior.
            And what do we find there? Do we continue to distract ourselves, to fear, to despair?
            Whom do we meet, in our personal, silent spaces?
            Who speaks, in the interior of the soul?
            This year, perhaps like never before, we are plunged into the mood of Lent, or pre-Easter. Here we face the deepest questions of our own mortality.
We are forced to face the question: What is death?
Are we ready for our life to be finished?
For our loved ones to leave us, possibly in the wink of an eye?
The coming week, known as Holy Week, is the time of preparation for Easter. Each day carries the powerful archetype of its ruling planet, imprinted on the human psyche
According to ancient wisdom, these are:                  
          Sunday                        Sun                  Wholeness and abundance    au
          Monday                       Moon              Reflection                                     i
          Tuesday                       Mars              Assertive opposition                 ā
          Wednesday                 Mercury       Agility and balance                   ē
          Thursday                     Jupiter          Generosity, wisdom                 o
          Friday                          Venus              Love                                               ah
          Saturday                      Saturn            Solemnity                                    u

Through the insights of esoteric Christianity, we can find a path of meaning through this week, as we contemplate the archetypes of Lent. In the journey through Holy Week, we face the deep questions of life: meaning, intention, birth, death, suffering, sorrow. These questions are not only for the religious person: these are the powerful questions that are brooding in all of us, as we wait in the cocoon of our quarantines. This is the week to embrace the crisis of the spirit, the trials of life.
This coming Easter will also be unique. There promise to be no outward festivities. Yet in the earthly-spiritual realms, new doors will be opened—doors we very well might not have been able to notice, if life had not driven us to the brink of death. We will have a new appreciation for the gift of being alive, of having been created and placed into time and space. We can draw nearer to understanding our ultimate responsibility: the task of creating the new human being through living on the earth in sacred service to the Creator and the created world.
In that spirit, starting tomorrow I will once again publish the 8 Easter essays I have written for this season, one for each day of the week.
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