Drawing the Planetary Seals – Part 2

This is the second in a series of 5 webinars, in which Brian Gray leads a deep study of the second of the seven planetary seals. The week's class begins with a recapitulation of how to draw a seven-pointed figure and how to draw the Saturn Seal, and then dives into the second seal, the Sun Seal. Brian also uses this opportunity to speak at length about the meaning of the two seals.

Drawing the Planetary Seals – Part 3

In this, the third of 5 classes on drawing the 7 planetary seals, Brian Gray teaches how to draw the seals for (Ancient) Moon and for Mars. He begins by show pictures of the first Goetheanum, of the 7 pillars, and of the fundamental principle of metamorphosis, which lies at the basis of all work with the planetary seals.

Drawing the Planetary Seals – Part 4

the fourth of 5 classes on drawing the 7 planetary seals

Drawing the Planetary Seals – Part 5

This is the 5th of this series, in which Brian describes the seals and the columns of (Future) Jupiter and (Future) Venus.

Drawing the Planetary Seals – Part 1

Rudolf Steiner has portrayed the evolution of earth and cosmos in seven stages, from Ancient Saturn through Future Vulcan. Consistent with his values, he further portrayed his understanding in many artistic modalities, including in the creation of the first Goetheanum building, and the paintings and columns therein. The motifs of the seven columns correspond to seven stages of evolution, and their essence is encapsulated in the seven planetary "seals." This special series features guest teacher Brian Gray, an accomplished teacher of all studies in Anthroposophy. In this 5-part series, Brian leads us through an intensive study of the seven planetary seals, helping us understand their sacred geometry and how they portray the essence of our human-cosmic being.

Drawing the Planetary Seals – Part 6

In this, the last of the six lessons in this series, Brian shows images of the First Goetheanum, emphasizing the relationship of the Capitols to the Seven Planetary Seals that were studies in this series, and explains how they reveal the evolving story of the human being.