Ā, the Vowel of Separation

The sound Ā, develops and strengthens boundaries, separation, and focus. It is a useful aid for everyone who struggles with spatial orientation, dyslexia, and coordination. It is used in the Love-Ā therapy lesson for blood pressure issues

Ai, the Vowel of Change

With the Moon-sound ai we invoke the power of change and metamorphosis, gliding like silver light from side to side

Ē, the Vowel of Balance

The sound Ē is the sound of the self-aware Ego, standing in balance between all polarities

O, the Vowel of Love

With the sound Ō, we overcome egotism by practicing open the heart to embrace the world in love.

U, the Vowel of Roots and Grounding

The sound U creates deep confidence in how we stand in the world, emphasizing how the parallel bones of the legs support our posture and focus our arms.

Ah, the Vowel of Wonder

To express the sound Ah, we open our hearts to the world with reverence and awe. We awaken the inner child, and draw into ourselves forces of health and immunity.