Our Human Future – Part 1

This is the first in a series of 7 talks about our human future. What does it mean that our task is to create a new cosmos of Love? How will we get there? What is our experience of living in this digital age? What will we be in the future when we no longer have material bodies? Building on the foundations laid in the course "Human and Cosmic Evolution," in this series we will dare to face the great questions about the future of humanity from a spiritual perspective.

Our Human Future – Part 2

This is the second of seven lectures exploring our human future. In this lecture, I focused on the importance of the sacred mysteries of Easter, of the Cosmic Creative Word becoming a human being, at the turning point of time.

Our Human Future – Part 3

In this exciting talk, we dive deeply into the topic of artificial intelligence and what it means for our future as humanity. What is our rightful relationship with materialism? How can we understand the profound meaning of Resurrection, the necessity of developing etheric perception in this lifetime, how to understand the presence of Christ in the etheric world-----and the challenge that the modern technological age presents to us as we meet this critical point in earth and human evolution!

Our Human Future – Part 4

This is the fourth of seven lessons in this series, in which we speak about the challenges facing modern humanity in the current age, and how these are all manifestations of the presence of Ahriman. With the help of the archangel Michael, we can continue to develop ourselves and build the new cosmos of love.

Our Human Future – Part 5

This is the fifth of seven very exciting talks exploring what it means to engage with the question of singularity and posthumanism from the perspective of anthroposophy and esoteric Christianity. In this series, we explore how both imagined futures understand that humans will not live in physical bodies as we know them now. The first, however, will estrange the human being from the spiritual world: the second will engage us fully in our evolution towards aligning ourselves with our sources and participating in the creation of a new cosmos of love.

Our Human Future – Part 6

This is the sixth of seven lectures in this series, in which we began to look at the future human body, in a physical body that is not material but woven of the elements and ethers, and actively engaged in this life on earth.

Our Human Future – Part 7

This is the seventh and final lecture in this fascinating series, in which we have looked at two contrasting possible futures of humanity: that envisioned by the technical world that aspires to develop post humanism, and that envisioned by Spiritual Science that understands the future cosmos of love that we can build when we work towards spiritual transformation.