Past, Present, & Future – Part 1

This is the first in a series of four lectures that will explore the next stages in human evolution, as existence in material bodies gradually becomes unnecessary and we develop the capacities necessary to live in an etheric environment.

Past, Present, & Future – Part 2

In this power-packed lecture, I presented four exercises to work with to develop a living picture of the human being of the future, who will live in a body of pure light, permeated with wisdom and radiating love. This future can be ours, if we choose to make the effort to change our passive thinking into a new kind of vigorous, active consciousness that thinks pure thoughts without attachments and radiates love into the world.

Past, Present, & Future – Part 3

In this third lecture of this series, we looked at Rudolf Steiner as the great initiate teacher of our age and his relationship to the Archangel Michael. This lecture is a contribution to the compilation of studies we are doing this autumn to deepen our relationship to Michael-Christ, and to the entire anthroposophical movement, the significant contemporary School of Michael on the earth. All those of us who feel ourselves drawn to Anthroposophy have had a pre-vision of our connection before we were born, having witnessed the great spiritual school of Michael and the heavenly cultus. We are called upon to remember these events, now, in our time, so that we can be ever more mindful of the necessity of being awake and active in this most valuable time on the earth.

Past, Present, & Future – Part 4

In this, the fourth and final lecture of our October series on the working of the Archangel Michael in the past, the present and the future, we turn at last to the Foundation Stone Meditation of the Anthroposophical Society. With this verse, Rudolf Steiner gave to humanity a new seed of love which each person can plant in their human heart. Thus connected by our commitment to the Sun of the Spirit, the clear Light of Thinking, we can strive as communities without walls to be inspired to right action in this age of trials and turmoil.