Planets and Ephesus – Part 1

This is the first of 7 eurythmy lessons in which we will study the gestures, vowels, dynamics and colors of the 7 major planets through the doorway of Eurythmy. We will base all of our work on the sacred text from the spiritual center known as Ephesus, which cultivated a practice of observing the forces of the planets in their etheric dynamics in the etheric world of nature and, especially, of the human begin.

Planets and Ephesus – Part 2

This is the second of seven webinars in which we study the eurythmy gestures, vowels, colors, and dynamics of the seven planets and how they are the macrocosmic sources of our microcosmic soul forces and our physiology. In this lesson we practice working with different dynamics, colors, and vowels, and learned the gesture of the Sun and its corresponding vowel, AU, in eurythmy.

Planets and Ephesus – Part 3

This is the 3rd of 7 webinars to study the eurythmy gestures, vowels, colors, dynamics and qualities of the seven planets, offering a dynamic journey for moving the study of astrology out of the realm of theory into an enlivened, somatic experience of their inner qualities.

Planets and Ephesus – Part 4

This is the fourth of seven lessons in this series, in which we are building an ever deeper connection to the way the planets live in the universe and in the human being as living archetypes of our soul experience and our body. Continuing on our work with the seven planetary vowels, we added the gestures for Mars ----decisive and vigorous power---and for Mercury---agility, movement and lightness.

Planets and Ephesus – Part 5

This is the 5th of 7 eurythmy webinars, presenting an immersion into the gestures, qualities, colors and vowels of the Planets, with reference to the verse known as "The Mystery of Ephesus." We began this lesson working with the Prologue to the Gospel of John, that begins with the word "In the Beginning was the Word." We then continued to learn two new planetary gestures: Jupiter and Venus.

Planets and Ephesus – Part 6

This is the sixth of seven webinars in this series exploring the eurythmy gestures for the seven primary planets, along with their essential qualities, colors and vowels, as expressed through movements. In this lesson, we focused on the inner nature of Colors, the "deeds and sufferings of Light," and how to experience them as dynamic moods of soul and body gifted to us by the powers of the seven planets.

Planets and Ephesus – Part 7

This is the seventh and final lesson in this series, in which we intensify even deepen our eurythmy exploration into the world of colors by using Rudolf Steiner's Color Meditation verse, originally given to painters. Because the planets' profundity is manifest in qualities, dynamics, colors, and vowels, today's class was yet another deep augmentation to the experience of the planets!